red martagons and gleaming baneberries

martagon-lily-claude-shride.jpgA S IF TO CHEER ME ON DESPITE 7 INCHES of rain that fell the last two weeks, the screaming red martagon lilies are open again, right on time. I just thought I’d remind you in case you’re not the kind of visitor who digs through the archives compulsively (but if you did, you’d see that the similarly screaming red baneberry fruits are colored up now, too). If I had a red rainsuit and boots and perhaps a red umbrella, things would be picture-perfect here.

  1. Margaret says:

    @Balsamfir: Hahaha. Exactly right. First time I saw them I had to have them, too. I got them at Klehm’s Song Sparrow as I recall…have to check if they still have any. Or you could just do a drive-by. :)

  2. Fred from Loudonville, NY says:

    Margaret, I have ALWAYS felt that coordination is EVEYTHING, so in your “martagon lily” red ensemble you would even match the trim of your house. The lily is my favorite flower, be it asiatic, oriental, or day. If my home was not called Whimsey Hill, it would be titled Lily Lawn.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, g. My other martagons, a peachy-pink color, came from my friends’ garden in Seattle. Thank you for the pink; the Turk’s caps are lovely indeed. See you soon again I hope.

  3. Terri says:

    The martagons always surprise me and there could be no better time than the late June garden. I too love my single actea with its red drumstick fighting it out with the velvety gray foliage of my hieraciums. One can really see, even with its low-to-the-ground stature, why cimicifugas were reclassified to this group of plants.

  4. Charlotte Cantrell says:

    It’s to darn hot here in N. Florida to even go outside. Let alone enjoy the flowers. It’s been weeks of 95 to 102 degrees. we sure could use some of your rain. My tomato plants are dying of heat stroke. And it’s only June. We don’t get our “hottest” month until August! :>(

  5. Chase Cline says:

    what is this splendor? wow.

    i love how out of everyone i know, i like to think i’m the “plant master,” but you keep me humble. I bask in your amazingness!

  6. Balsamfir says:

    Last I looked, they sold out. So I’ve got to get on an email list and see if I can make the cut next time. But I may have them. I’ve got something mysterious that I planted a few years ago and is just now putting up buds, although its been making babies happily. So I’m waiting to see what I bought and forgot before buying another martagon. Am I the only one who does this?

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