radio podcast: the 365-day garden

MAYBE TO TALK MYSELF INTO FEELING BRAVE as the color fades from the pictures outside the window, I’ve been talking up the concept of a 365-day garden on the weekly radio podcast with my friends at nearby Robin Hood Radio, WHDD.

I know it can feel about now as if someone sucked the life out of things…but maybe a few of the thoughts we discussed in these two recent podcasts will help make you a believer, too?

  • Part 1: The 365-Day Garden (beginning at the 9:10 minute mark, after a discussion of night-blooming cereus, which radio host Jill Goodman was wondering how to overwinter)
  • Part 2: Don’t Forget the Conifers (podcast about some of my favorites)
  • Conifer Roundup (blog post)

You can subscribe to the weekly podcasts on iTunes or find them all archived here.

  1. jps says:

    Please make this available on the Zune marketplace! That will let me listen on Windows Phone as well as Zune on my PC.


  2. terryk says:

    When I first read this I thought you were going to be broadcasting every day. Already downloaded this weeks show for the ride home!

  3. Johanna says:

    Listened to today’s podcast when I walked the dogs this afternoon. It gave me so much to think about as things fade off for the winter! Thanks for thinking 365-days and inspiring me to do it, too!

  4. terryk says:

    Margaret you mentioned feeding the birds from your feeder. What type feeder do you use.? Also have you (or anyone) experienced problems with rodents visiting too? I would love to watch the birds but the other, no way! I know Jack solves lots of these problems but my kitty is a lady of the house only- road too busy. Suggestions?

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