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GARDENERS AND SQUIRRELS TYPICALLY DO NOT GET ALONG, but in the case of Margaret Roach and Robin Hood Radio (an NPR affiliate where the motto is, “slightly off, but very good” and the logo is a fluffy-tailed rodent) the matchup couldn’t be happier. Just weeks into starting “A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach,” the kind folks there have lengthened the broadcast (now Mondays between about 8:30 and 8:55 AM) and uploaded it to the iTunes store, where you can subscribe for free. Here’s how:

Simply go to the iTunes store, search for “A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach” (no quote marks), and press the gray “subscribe now” button up top below the green logo with the–yup–squirrel on it. (Alternatively, you can use another RSS subscription method by starting on the podcast archive page on WHDD’s site.)

Like I said, it’s free. But if you want to thank WHDD in nearby Sharon, Connecticut, for making this broadcast and podcast possible–since they are public radio, after all, and survive on listener support–you can also go bury a few nuts in their garden here. Interesting note: Besides the nutty (tee hee) logo and motto, they became the smallest and newest NPR affiliate in America when they got their license in 2008. Did I pick good or what?

This week’s show, the first at the expanded length, talked about “pruning pared way down” for those of us lacking confidence in the art, and about the May garden chores–including vegetable gardening to-do’s like growing white and sweet potatoes. And now you can listen in anytime.

  1. burrda2000 says:

    This is great news… just one more thing (never happy… sigh)… Do you think WHDD could title each show in the information column when it’s uploaded to iTunes? … you know, like “shrubs, shrubs, shrubs” and “pruning pared way down” ? It would make it easier to go back and listen to previous shows if there was a clue.

    Believe me, I NEED a clue. ;-)

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