radio podcast: let’s go shrub shopping

WE WENT SHRUB SHOPPING–VIRTUALLY, AT LEAST–on this week’s Robin Hood Radio A Way to Garden podcast, with the topic ranging from where to start in the shrub section of your local nursery (under “V,” of course, for Viburnum) to what else to look for besides (the obvious) spring blooms. Click over to hear the latest edition, or browse through our growing podcast archive. iTUNES UPDATE: If you go to iTunes Store and search for “A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach” (no quotes) you will get all the podcasts. An even-faster “button” for signup coming shortly. :)

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  1. Lawrence Rickson says:

    Hi Margaret,
    Thanks again for all your great onformation and your new podcast. I have one suggestion, or comment? I find it confusing to download your podcast, I have to first save it to my computer, open it and then it goes into itunes under albums. If you could go through itunes, it is easier to download for us, and it goes right into the “podcast” library.
    Either way I will still try to listen to your show. Thanks again for everything!!!

  2. Podcasts now available on Itunes!

    To subscribe to any of the shows simply click on the “RSS” button at WHDD’s On Demand site… for the particular show you want to subscribe to , then in Itunes go to “advanced – subscribe to podcast” and insert the URL of the rss feed.

    A simpler Itunes button will be added this coming week

    1. Margaret says:

      You are too much! Thank you, Marshall, for such a fast solution.

      I just “cheated” and did this, once I saw your comment:

      I went to the iTunes store …

      I searched for A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach …

      and voila!, there they all were stacked right up before me for free “subscribe.”

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