radio podcast: groundcovers as living mulch

THE TALK WAS OF LIVING MULCH, meaning groundcovers, on this week’s Robin Hood Radio podcast, because it’s the perfect time to divide your best ones up (or buy some!) and get some needy areas of the garden covered in weed-thwarting beauty. Speaking of which, I’m going outside to do that right now, but not before giving you the link to the latest episode (or any of the archives, if you’ve missed a week).

  1. Yvonne @ Country Gardener says:

    Very nice. It’s the first of your podcasts that I’ve listened to. Lovely to hear your voice. I’m going to get out and move/divide ground covers tomorrow, now that we finally got a bit of rain. Great advice – I’ve lived with mulch patches in my shrub border for too long. Geranium mac will be great there, and I have tons of it in my shade garden, where it thrives under spruces.

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