radio podcast: great ‘small’ trees; bird gardens

FROM THE HOW TIME FLIES DEPARTMENT: It has been three months this week since I started weekly radio podcasts with my friends Marshall and Jill down the road at local NPR affiliate Robin Hood Radio. How can this be? But it’s true: the 13th and 14th weekly installments of the A Way to Garden podcast–June 28th’s about making a bird-friendly garden, and July 5th’s on my favorite garden-sized trees–are ready for harvest. Just follow the buttons on the WHDD site to iTunes or the RSS feed–or stream it right then and there; your call. Enjoy. And can somebody slow down the season (and turn down the heat)? Thanks much.

  1. Todd says:

    Hi Margaret,

    I just discovered these programs last night and have been truly enjoying them!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Its really great to learn from you!

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I listened to the small trees show and wanted to hear more about how you find out about your unusual trees through reading catalogs–but, alas, you were cut off because the show was ending. I also got a bit frustrated when you were interrupted by the others throughout the show. I’m hanging on to your every word!

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