radio podcast: cornucopia of recent topics

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE WRITTEN to say you enjoy the radio podcasts I create with Robin Hood Radio (NPRs newest and smallest affiliate, and just down the road from me in Ruralville, USA here). Marshall, Jill and I do have fun with our Monday-morning conversations–but you can listen anytime. Here’s the list of recent topics to stream or subscribe to free in iTunes:

Simply go to the WHDD page of all my podcasts, or straight to iTunes, and select which you want among these:

  • July 12: Watering
  • July 19: Garlic 101
  • July 26: Japanese beetles (there’s help coming!)
  • August 2: Cooking from the garden
  • August 9: Windfall apples; tomato blossom-end rot; sowing vegetable for fall
  • August 16: Tick updates; help with going organic (indoors and out)
  1. terryl says:

    I love your podcast, it makes Mondays so much more enjoyable. I have had a bit of trouble getting it to download on my phone. Did something change over the last two weeks?

  2. Margaret says:

    @Terry: I will mention it to WHDD today; they do the uploads etc. Thanks for the inquiry.

    Thank you all for your well-wishes.

  3. TomW says:

    Love the podcasts. Note that the 4 earliest ones do not load correctly so don’t play – either from the website or from a player.

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