radio podcast: 2 new shows; ‘garden rant’ kudos!

IAM DELIGHTED TO ALERT YOU TO TWO NEW SEGMENTS in the podcast archive, and at least as excited to say that one of the best-known garden blogs of all, Garden Rant, wrote a nice piece today recommending the show I do with my neighbors down the road at Robin Hood Radio, the newest NPR affiliate.

If you just want the latest podcasts, click the big yellow iTunes button on this page on WHDD’s site (or stream it on your computer or however else you like; all the choices are there).

The June 14th edition is about plants I call “confidence builders” (read: maybe too enthusiastic) that I grew at the start of my garden career. Today’s is about creatures in the garden: which to tolerate, and which not to, and why, from deer on down to slugs, snakes and more.

But maybe don’t click away right yet…better yet, stay a minute first and get the backstory on the Garden Rant post:

If you follow the comments here on the blog you’ll perhaps remember the funny back-and-forth about Sedum with Susan Harris, one of the voices of Garden Rant, and how her wondering aloud to me (both in a comment here and a post at her place) about the ID of a particular variety.

Her wondering sent me out into the night to grab some of the plant-in-question, and upstairs to grab my taxonomic references and try to key out the thing.

Hopefully it’s not just because I helped her ID that Sedum that Susan says the podcast is good.

“I was discouraged to discover,” writes Susan, “that Margaret doesn’t just excel at writing but also at casual repartee. (Seems unfair.)”

During the Sedum drama she called me “a known troublemaker,” so apparently I am growing on her. (Hopefully you can hear me smiling as I write this, because it has all been very much fun, in both directions. Thanks, Susan.)

  1. Brian G. says:

    “A known troublemaker” and a geek??? You must challenge her to a froggy-style throwdown. You can take her!

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