problem peppers, or a glut to stash? some ideas

HOW DOES YOUR (PEPPER) GARDEN GROW? Are there healthy green plants, but no fruit? Or maybe fruit with shrunken, dark ends? Need an overall refresher course on growing Capsicum? This page on peppers has answers and links about all that–plus tactics for freezing any excess harvest for offseason use, and how I roast sweet peppers for use now (or to tuck into the freezer, too, all sugary and wonderful, a treat to brighten winter days).

  1. frani ricci says:

    Dear Margaret, I finally have a moment to write and tell you how much I have learned from you, not only about gardening but life. I listen to your pod casts while I run, garden and walk the dog. My morning run is a moving meditation and yoga combined with the best garden advice. I am happy to say that I often am thinking the same as you are you. It makes me chuckle and enjoy my run even more. One of lessons I try to practice daily is to be grateful for the past, no matter how difficult, so I can learn what to do in the future. Words for life in the garden are easily substituted for words for living .I could go on and on. But will just say thank you, for the joy and pleasure you and your website have added to my life. I was lucky to find a used copy of your book, A way to Garden on amazon, if anyone else is looking.

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Frani, and bless you for sending this very kind note today of all days. Was having a bit of a “HELP! IT’S ALL TOO MUCH!” moment with the heat, dry conditions, too many chores, all of it. You are very kind. I think you will like the new book THE BACKYARD PARABLES coming in January…just finishing the proofs now. Exciting.

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