“The Backyard Parables: Lessons on Gardening, and Life” is due January 15, 2013. For “And I Shall Have Some Peace There” (2011): The first pre-publication review (in “Kirkus”) earned a gold star; “More Magazine” ran a six-page feature; “People” gave it 3.5 of 4 stars; the AOL homepage ran a profile. And all this:

    • MORE MAGAZINE: In its March issue, MORE ran a six-page excerpt from the book (image of opener up top).
    • PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Giving the book 3.5 of 4 stars, the review said: “Her writing is witty and elegant, proof that despite her seemingly perfect fast-lane life, she was indeed meant for more artistic pursuits.”
    • THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW: My appearance on the Friday, February 25 show to talk about the book can be streamed on her site at that green link above.
    • AOL DOT COM: We made the homepage of AOL with a profile by Deborah Dunham where we cover topics from what it was like working for Martha Stewart, to what I’ve learned about spiders since shacking up with them here in my little old house. Enjoy!
    • THE HAPPINESS PROJECT: A wildly fun interview with bestselling author Gretchen Rubin, where I answer questions about what does, and doesn’t, make me happy. The hilarious headline (a quote from me): “A Very Close Friend Says That I Am Not Type A But AAA.”
    • PAM SLIM/ESCAPE FROM CUBICLE NATION BLOG: A podcast interview in which we talk about walking away from the corporate life, and what matters now…oh, and some woo-woo, too (Pam’s a kindred soul!).
    • MATT ARMENDARIZ/MATT BITES BLOG: A rollicking Q&A about my garden mania, my winter preparedness drill for survival here, frog love, what advice I’d have for those considering a life change, and all kinds of crazy free-associations. (And no, Matt does not really bite. He’s a peach.)
    • SARAH MCCOLL/PINK OF PERFECTION BLOG: Sarah, who did my favorite interview ever when I started my garden blog three years ago, asked me about fear, whose advice I’ve followed in life, and whether I believe in ghosts! You’ll love Sarah.
    • THE OTTAWA CITIZEN: From writer and gardener Ailsa Francis: “This book is an honest, inspirational and often droll account of Roach’s epiphany, much of it garnered through the garden: she has finally claimed her passion, and with it, her own salvation.”
    • TINY BUDDHA’S LORI DESCHENE invited me to do a Q&A when she started reading my book, saying, “I know a lot of people who fantasize about giving up monetary success to create success on their own terms, so I was grateful to learn a little from Margaret’s experience.”
    • TRADITIONAL HOME magazine’s articles editor, Rebecca Christian, was attracted by the title (she’s a fellow Yeats-lover), and says she was very glad to be lured into the book, which she raves about.
    • THE HARTFORD COURANT: Editor Nancy Schoeffler digs into my 365-day gardening style, and my new book.
    • RURAL INTELLIGENCE: “Dropping Out Is Hard to Do,” a Q/A interview with me about solitude, rural living, and fresh starts. Some hard questions! See what you think.
    • NORTHEAST PUBLIC RADIO: WAMC’s Joe Donahue talked with me in March about my book, and life here.
    • KIRKUS REVIEWS: Calling the book, “A moving, eloquent and joyously idiosyncratic memoir,” Kirkus gave it a starred review, reserved for “books of remarkable merit.” Read (and share/Tweet/like) their review here.
    • KIRKUS FOLLOWUP: An interview with Jennifer Wilson on paying the bills, madness and my new view of success.

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