pre-order the new ‘a way to garden’ book, get a free lecture or webinar ticket!

DRUMROLL, PLEASE: “A Way to Garden,” the all-new version of my oldest book, releases April 30, 2019, almost exactly 21 years after publication of its first edition started me on this garden-writing journey. To entice you to pre-order a copy now, I’m offering incentives—a free ticket to a lecture, to be precise, either in-person or via webinar.

Whether you’re nearby the Hudson Valley of New York and can visit me (and then my garden!) May 11 for my morning talk, or can attend a virtual session via webinar on April 2 or 4, I have you covered. (If you prefer not to pre-order a book, you can simply purchase a ticket instead; all the links are below.)

9 am may 11, 2019, copake falls, ny

TO ATTEND May 11, at 9 AM, in Copake Falls, NY (when my garden is also open along with a daylong celebration including cooking and flower-growing and mushroom-growing classes and more), click here. That day I’m doing a talk called “Gardening for the Birds,” my favorite subject. (All the May 11 details–an amazing day is planned locally for you–are outlined on this other page.)

Don’t want to pre-order a book right now? You can also just purchase a ticket here.

‘bird garden’ webinar 12 noon edt tuesday, april 2

‘365-day garden’ webinar 6:30 pm edt thursday, april 4

TO ATTEND a virtual session, simply email me your “proof of purchase” of the book (forward me your order confirmation from Amazon, for example, stating which session you prefer). I’ll register you free of charge, and email you a webinar ticket via Eventbrite. Topics: “Gardening for the Birds” on April 2, and “The 365-Day Garden” (about making a garden for all seasons) on April 4. (At those links you can read a description of each webinar.)

Don’t want to pre-order a book right now? You can also just purchase a ticket here for the bird webinar or here for the 365-Day Garden one.

early feedback on the new edition

SNEAK-PEEKERS you may recognize, who saw an early galley of the new book, were very kind:

“Unquestionably brilliant! I am so impressed with the wisdom of Margaret Roach’s experience and the things she writes about that most garden books ignore.”—Deborah Madison, author, “Vegetable Literacy” and “The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone”

“Margaret has an intimate grasp of her subject, along with an appreciation of the microcosm of life within the spaces we garden. Her sparkling wit makes her a joy to read.”—Fergus Garrett, Head Gardener, Great Dixter House and Gardens

“For more than two decades, A Way to Garden has provided a friendly invitation to the garden. As real, gritty, and funny as the first time around, this blueprint of how to garden, why we garden, the joys of gardening, is a prerequisite to lifting a spade.”—Dan Hinkley, award-winning author, “The Explorer’s Garden,” and Heronswood founder

“An indefatigable researcher, Margaret Roach is a whirlwind of enthusiasm for and knowledge of the natural world. This update gives us the benefit of so much new information. Thank you, Margaret.”—Marco Polo Stufano, founding Director of Horticulture, Wave Hill

“Margaret is the knowledgeable, encouraging, and often humorous best friend we all need when we grow a garden. We get to peer over her shoulder as she sows every seed, plants every shrub, harvests every tomato.”—Niki Jabbour, food gardening author, writer, and radio host

“Her voracious curiosity has kept Margaret on the leading edge. This updated classic distills decades of learning from one of gardening’s keenest minds. It is delightfully free of ideology but brimming with ideas and inspirations.”—Thomas Rainer, author, “Planting in a Post-Wild World;” principal, Phyto Studio

“America’s favorite garden communicator shares her wisdom, and through her superb writing, helps us discover ‘a lifetime supply of wonder.’”—Ken Druse, photographer, lecturer, and award-winning author

“If I could keep just one gardening book, the beautifully written A Way to Garden would be the treasured title. This is Margaret’s finest work to date and why she is my gardening superhero!”—Joe Lamp’l, Emmy Award–winning creator and host, “Growing a Greener World,” PBS

“A great book to curl up with … Margaret shares insight from her decades of gardening: the ups and downs are laid bare for gardeners to learn, empathize, and find inspiration.”—Tony Avent, garden writer and founder, Plant Delights Nursery

“The perfect reading companion for those of us who feel that gardening is an unstoppable addiction. It will draw you even further in, while confirming what you’ve always known in your heart: you must have more plants!”—Jane Perrone, host, “On The Ledge” podcast; former gardening editor, “The Guardian”

“Now that I am starting to dig into my own land, I have found a trusted manual to create interest in every season.”—Joshua McFadden, executive chef and author, “Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables”


  1. Sally says:

    Picking up the first edition of A Way to Garden was my introduction to you, your podcast, blog and other books. I’ll be adding this one. Can’t wait!

  2. Carole C says:

    Like Sally, I too have your 1st edition along with the other 2 books you’ve written, and refer to it still, especially as the seasons change. I’m wondering if you have added to the new publication, but definitely tempted to place an order!

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Carole. I’d say 100 percent was updated/improved (so much has changed!) and 30 percent is new altogether. Every photo is new. So the philosophy and approach are the same, and some of the text (again, though, with UPDATES!) … but it really is a do-over. I mean, just think about how little we gardeners knew about, say, “pollinator plants” and native plants in general 21 years ago … the whole “GMO seed” panic hadn’t happened yet … many then-popular garden plants are now known to be invasives! And so on. So very different.

  3. Ellen Blackstone says:

    Done! Ordered from my favorite local bookstore. Gosh, I’ll have to have coffee and a gnosh when I pick up the book. The first one was a revelation — really looking forward to this. Thanks, Margaret!

  4. Margaret, I’m so excited for you – and great news for all your followers to know the book is soon out! I’ve been wanting to pre-order and would love to attend the Bird webinar. The timing on April 2 doesn’t work for me, though – will the webinar be available for a while after April 2?
    Lee Ann

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Lee Ann. For now I have those two sections scheduled and depending how hectic things are (lots of events in person etc.) I will try to schedule more close to the on-sale date.

  5. Janet L Vallar-Gillette says:

    Congratulations on the new edition. I have not read it yet, but my other edition was signed. When you find the time to pen some, let us know and I will purchase one worthy of my bookshelf.

    1. margaret says:

      When I know that a supply of books are on their way in late April I will post info on how to get signed copies, promise! Thanks for the kind words.

  6. Pat Maitland says:

    Loved your presentation yesterday at Oakland County Master Gardener Seminar in Michigan. I got my copy of your book and am half way through it! Awesome book!

    1. margaret says:

      How sweet of you to find me and say so, Pat. I am glad you are enjoying the book. They got some early copies for that event — still 2 weeks till publication date!

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