post 200: happy milestones to us

guesswhoI’M CELEBRATING A YEAR of being “on my own” this week, a year since I left my city career behind and moved to my rural garden to find my way, and life, among the frogboys. With this post, I’m also marking another milestone: It’s Post No. 200. Almost nine months into blogging, it’s a good start.

A lot has happened this first year out: A Way to Garden grew, with its 200 posts and nearly 4500 comments (thank you very much), and also now with Andre. I started The Sister Project, which in its first two weeks of new life has had about 10,000 clicks and 300 comments.  Three weeks ago, I sold a book idea…and this week I am kicking off writing it with a few days of retreat (a funny thing for a woman who spends so much time alone already to say).

I have filled in each quandrant of the mandala my friend Ken Smith created for me when I began this new life…we may have to subdivide!

I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you to all of you visitors, old and new, who have encouraged me. You cannot imagine what it has meant to have you here by my side. I wish you all peace (and love and monkey business)—the usual offerings from the usual suspect here, who’s well dug into her own Rebel Side of Heaven after a year of exquisite freedom.

Like everyone right now, I am a little scared, but also a lot excited: Good things lie ahead if we keep believing in ourselves (and keeping our sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either). Rather than panic, I think I’ll just do what Curtis Mayfield taught me and Keep on Pushing, hoping you’ll decide to push on along beside me a little farther on down the road.


  1. ANN says:

    I watched “Martha” today and was so excited to see a blog about gardens and frogs! What a way to start out the new year. You are very courageous to leave her show and start up a blogging web site.
    It looks like you are doing a fantastic job although this is my first time to come to this web site. Congratulations and l look forward in the new year 2009 to read all your wonderful blogging and see all your wonderful photography. Thanks for a good start to a new year.

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Ann, and thanks for starting the New Year with me and the boys. You call it “courageous,” and some have said “crazy” about my new dropout life, but I like to use another word: “creativity.” I just craved the chance to express myself personally, to re-develop my individual creativity, after so many great years working on the Martha brand. And so here I am: garden blogging, running a network of blogs about sisters and sisterhood with The Sister Project, and writing a book as well. Fingers crossed! Onward!

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