pick of the podcasts: 2015 highlights

podcast collageMY BIG SECRET (and a bit of a tease): The A Way to Garden public-radio show and podcast is a selfish act. I create the show for me, not listeners.

Yes, I am kidding—sort of. But what I mean is this: Producing the segments each week keeps me ferreting out answers to questions I have, in journalistic style—reaching out to possible expert source for some answers. I learn so much, all of which I then get to share. Win-win. (Some of the year’s top topics are listed below.)

The show, which begins its seventh year in March 2016, has been named a top-5 gardening podcast by “The Guardian” newspaper in the UK (alongside a list of BBC programs), and based on listener feedback is recommended for use while driving, while weeding, while cooking supper, or just about anytime, anywhere.

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i learned a ton from…

I DON’T THINK there was one show in the 52 weeks where I didn’t learn something, but here are a few that were particularly “aha-packed” for me:

podcast collage 2

must-listens: your favorites from 2015

THESE SHOWS TOPPED listeners’ hit parade, and no surprise: Each of them helped solve a common garden problem:


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  1. Christine carpenter says:

    Love the podcast and your voice.
    Crows are really fascinating and I think they are quite magical
    In the company of Crows and Ravens by John Marzluff and Tony Angell is a wonderful book about them


  2. Mary says:

    We used to live next door to a farmer’s field. At harvest time, the crows would descend, covering the field and turning it a moving, jittering black. They then would rise up all together and wing themselves away.

  3. Norm says:

    Like so many others, I really enjoy your podcast and look forward to the latest episode every week, Margaret. They’re always informative and interesting – and your laid-back but spirited style is very appealing. :-) It’s also apparent that you put substantial planning and preparation into creating your weekly show – and yet it all comes off as being so effortless. Thanks for all you do!

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