peace-on-earth-2WHEN I WENT DOWN TO MAKE TEA the other morning, there was a peace rally going on in the kitchen. This sometimes-angry guy was just waking up, too, after slumbering atop my 1970s stone peace symbol on the windowsill. I escorted him to freedom in a dish towel, and he was off…presumably to spread the word about peace among the races. If a wasp can get this message, then why not us?

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  1. margaret says:

    Welcome, Boodely. Funny you should say that…besides plants, one of my other obsessions is collecting songs from around the world and through the ages and styles that contain the word “hallelujah” in any of its forms (alleluia…etc.). So yes, hallelujah!

  2. starr cunningham says:

    great picture. wasps are cool. wasps love water, so its a regular thing to see the wasps and birds sitting all together around the edge of the bird bath….very funny love that you rescued it

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