peace, love & (chip)munkey-business

I‘VE HAD NO INTERNET FOR 5 DAYS, but that isn’t the only monkey-business going on. The daily antics include many summits by local chippies to the top of Big Buddha (and in fact all my Buddhas). Just wanted to say a quick “hello” from my local wifi place while I await reconnection. Please Phone Company, reconnect me in time for Food Fest Week 3 on Thursday?!?!? I’ll sing a chorus of the Talking Heads’ tune “Neighborhood” at the nearest karaoke bar if you plug me back in on time: “We got peace, love and monkey business…gonna reach the very top.”

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  1. Andrew Ritchie says:

    “We got peace, love and monkey business…gonna reach the very top.” – As long as you sing it in a chipmunk voice, I’m there.


  2. Donna Oglesby says:

    For years in Florida, we had a salamander who climbed on Buddha’s head in the lanai each afternoon at 6:30 P.M. and pulsed his red throat. Randy little bugger. We assume the elevation — not Buddha — helped in his courtship. But, who knows.

  3. margaret says:

    @Andrew: I said I’d sing, I didn’t guarantee any particular pitch or tone.

    @Donna: Salamanders do this, too? Or was he really just your average horny toad (tee hee)?

  4. Jeff says:

    Our chipmunks used to place chestnuts in my crumbling concrete steps. I thought it was tribute or rent.

    They moved away when I brought the big dog home.

  5. margaret says:

    @Jeff: I love the idea of the chippies paying tribute, when I just always thought they were using my storage facilities rent-free. So the acorns and bean seeds and all of they stash are for me?

  6. starting a lawn mowing business says:

    maybe they ate up your internet connection, climbed the Buddha’s head and see if they can get clearer reception….LOL!!!!

  7. margaret says:

    Welcome to Starting a Lawn Mowing Business. When the icy rain stops today I will go have a careful look to see if that’s what’s up. :)

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