parting-glances slideshow: late-october stars

YES, I KNOW: IT’S GETTING LATE. But among the parting glances of the fall garden, there are still some pretty spectacular moments to enjoy…if you hurry, and widen your gaze to include everything from a whole shrub border (below) to a self-sown, extra-dark kale (above) that nobody planted, but everyone got to enjoy. I captured some today for a new slideshow–highlights large and small. Have you taken a closer look at your late-fall garden?

the slideshow

CLICK ON THE first thumbnail to start the slides, then toggle between photos using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or the ones beside the captions. Note for best viewing: On small devices, zoom out first, so the captions show. Links to portraits of many of the plants are just below the thumbnails. Enjoy! (And do go out and look around…the hour is getting late.)

plant portraits

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  1. Burndett Andres says:

    I’ve been enjoying the autumn garden, too. Isn’t it lovely?? Monkshood is in bloom and toad lilies also. Hosta and ferns are all gold and bronze. Quite a lovely scene. Thanks for sharing…as always.

  2. I love this time of the year in the garden because it is always full of surprises… the changing season, seeing how some plants continue to try to thrive, the bees still buzzing about, and then completing the last chores of the season before putting the garden to bed for the winter…

    Thanks for sharing these images and reminding us to look around and enjoy.


    1. margaret says:

      Hi, eLIZabeth. Nice to see you. Yes, lots to look at right now…have been crawling around cleaning stuff up all morning and have come upon many interesting bits and pieces!

  3. Jason says:

    I love that picture of the bench with the bottlebrush buckeye. I really want that shrub, but it’s a big guy so I haven’t figured out where to put it.

  4. Helen Malandrakis says:

    I love all the Fall colors, and will be sad to see them go away. I made the sweet potato, greens, and sage soup. We loved it. I froze the remainder and plan to serve it again this coming Saturday. It is going to be a chilly day! To make it hardier, I may add some chicken.

  5. Marcia says:

    My monkshood and toad lilies are beautiful this year too, thanks to the lovely Indian Summer we’ve had, but what I MOST look forward to is my fall-blooming jonquil. It turned up in a sack of mixed-bulb daffodils and has astounded and confounded me every year! Imagine having fresh & fragrant jonquils on the table at Thanksgiving!

    1. margaret says:

      Good idea, Ann L. Someone else has mentioned this recently, too. I will hav to ask Jack’s talent agent if it’s OK. :)

  6. peg gillette says:

    I enjoy all posts . Used to live in Cape Elizabeth and have been to Skillins many times. Lived on Cape Cod, Ma. and met a man (Burr Jenkins) who has a daughter living near your area who is a peony freak!!! I would love to meet her as I too am a collector of peonies. Would you by any chance know her name and where she lives? Would appreciate any info that comes to mind regarding this lady…thanks….can’t wait to visit Cumberland Foreside again

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