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I’D RATHER TALK ABOUT PLANTS, but this week I need to make an exception and hit you up for a hand. My 2011 memoir “And I Shall Have Some Peace There” comes out in paperback, and since book-writing is key to the scaled-down life I’ve consciously chosen since I left the city fastlane four years ago, I’m asking five things you can do to help me succeed. Other than buying a book, the asks cost nothing at all–and hey, I’m even offering a chance to win the new paperback to sweeten the deal. As you can see, Jack the Demon Cat (a star of the book) thinks it’s a good read to tuck into bed with. Won’t you:

 1.  Buy a book (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?). If you want one that’s autographed and gift-wrapped, order here (paperback or hardcover).

2. Go post a quick “review” on Amazon. So many of you have written personally to me to tell me what you thought of the book (some of those comments are below)—go tell others, won’t you? It just takes a minute, and you don’t have to have purchased there. Big help!

3. Likewise, Goodreads [dot] com is a wonderful place to share book recommendations—and get them, too. Put “Peace” on your Goodreads “bookshelf” with a comment if you are a user there.  You can start here, at my “bookshelf.”

4. Share and Like my book video on your Facebook page or elsewhere. If you haven’t already, join, or “Like” my book’s page on Facebook. (There’s one for the garden blog, too—you should ALL be using that one, where there’s always something new and fun under discussion!)

5. Go ahead, just share this post in whatever way you like—using the Facebook or Twitter icon below. Spread the word.

What Readers and Reviewers Have Said

Want to learn more about the book? It’s here on my book blog, and there’s also a list of some press it got over the last year. Here’s what some reviewers and other readers have said:


  • “If you loved Annie Dillard’s A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, you will enjoy this book. It is a pilgrimage from city to country, from urban frenetic activity to stillness, snow and isolation. Written in a poetic, stream of consciousness style, it’s about an emotional journey of a woman forging a new identity via her country house and garden.”
  • “I randomly picked up your book off the new non-fiction shelf in our local library without really knowing anything about it. The title seemed to speak to me and so it came home in my library bag. I wholeheartedly believe that you are one of my messengers, helping me to find myself, my way and my own peaceful place. Thank you.”
  • “Reading your book has inspired me! I have begun tunneling my way out of my corporate prison, just wish I had a bigger spoon to dig with.
  • “Thank you for digging deeply in those dark corners and sharing your story. Next chapter, please!”
  • “You bring smiles and solutions and great wit to those of us who love to garden. You are a gift.”

PEOPLE: (3.5 of 4 stars)
“Her writing is witty and elegant, proof that despite her seemingly perfect fast-lane life, she was indeed meant for more artistic pursuits.”

KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review)
“A moving, eloquent and joyously idiosyncratic memoir.”

“As she moves through the seasons of her first year in self-imposed exile, Roach limns a reflective odyssey for affirmation and acceptance that blends Zen-like wisdom with zany escapades.”

“With my own happiness project, I never left my own neighborhood; for her happiness project, Margaret left New York City and a big job with Martha Stewart Omnimedia to move to upstate New York to reconnect with her first passion, gardening. Her account of what happened, and what she learned, is very powerful.”

“While Roach loved her high-powered career…[she] craved something more. Or, actually, something less. … Turns out, Roach wasn’t actually running away in 2008 when she quit her job and left the city to live in her rural home full-time. Rather, she was running toward something: herself.”

“This book is an honest, inspirational and often droll account of Roach’s epiphany, much of it garnered through the garden: she has finally claimed her passion, and with it, her own salvation.”

“In a beguiling style with an idiosyncratic flair for language, Margaret (sorry if it seems too chummy to call her by her first name, but I feel like I know her now) tells the story of how she ‘popped the lid off a reservoir of yearning’ and left a decades-long career in mainstream New York publishing. … Nothing much momentous takes place, unless you call reclaiming your own life momentous, and I do.”

“Like the woman herself, Margaret’s new memoir is inspiring, but it’s the sort of encouragement of a close friend. This is not a bulletin-pointed instructive how-to of living your dream life. It’s the deliciously intimate story of a woman who feels like a pal through the pages, never too serious to miss a joke and never too silly to see the signs.”

From bestselling food author DORIE GREENSPAN, via Twitter
“I missed the Sheridan Square subway stop because I was reading your book. You are an extraordinary writer w/ a fascinating story to tell. I’m reading it slowly–don’t want it to end.”

How to Win a Paperback

TO WIN ONE OF THREE SIGNED COPIES of the new paperback edition of “And I Shall Have Some Peace There,” you need to comment below by telling me which one(s) of the five easy asks above you did. It’s an honor system, but I think you’re a pretty honorable group!  I’ll draw the three winners at random after entries close at midnight Sunday, February 5. Good luck to all—and thank you in advance for helping spread the word.

  1. BARBARA P. says:

    I came across your book at the library about 1 month into my being laid off after over 29 years – business sold – new management came in – the emotions I was feeling were identified in your writing and really helped me put things more into perspective – yes, a loss but so much more for me to open myself up to – and to go forward with a more positive attitude. Thank you.

  2. Louise says:

    I liked you on facebook, and will post at Amazon after I read your book. I want to keep digging and planting in my Catskills garden and yard. But meanwhile, I toil in a public high school, feeling less joy with every meeting, now 7 hours a week, formerly 1 hour every other week. Does that give you an idea why I dream of being in the garden more? I love teaching the teens I teach, but love seeing a bush in bloom or a flower thriving in my wet soil. Thanks for the great joy you bring us all as we read, learn and dream.

  3. Bett says:

    I am a Master Gardener & a couple of days ago (note, before being asked to do so) I sent an email to my Master Gardener newsgroup telling them your website & newsletter was the best gardening site I had read & encouraged others to check it out. This would mean they also would read about your wonderful book.
    And yes, I would love to receive a copy of your book.

  4. Sharon Lukachek says:

    I’m not part of Facebook but I am a member of a wonderful Garden Club in my area that I joined when I retired just last year. I will provide an overview about both the book and your website at our upcoming meeting. I have already shared your website with my 77 year-old fellow garden club member who just recently purchased a laptop computer for the first time. While she is still a little slow at migrating the web, she loved your website!

    Spring is just around the corner (at least that’s what I’m telling myself)!

  5. Bonnie Stump says:

    I posted both your pages on my FB page. I think I found you through FB in the first place. I’ve been dying to read your book, but honestly don’t have the money to buy it.

    I’m at a cross-roads in my life and I just want to read about someone else and how she got where she really wanted to be. That is the main reason I really want to read your book. I want some changes for myself in 2012 and I’m looking for bravery and inspiration.


  6. Janis Brinley says:

    Not only did I ‘like’ you on FacebooK but have shared you with my gardening friends for over a year. Many thanks for the inspirations, the incredible photographs, adorable cartoons and especially the Frog Boys! Love, Love!!

  7. Carl Scott says:

    Hi Margaret
    I liked your Facebook page and Tweeted about this book. I hope you sell lots of books and continue to enjoy life in the garden.

  8. Kathy says:

    I’m spreading the word through my gardening friends and club activities as I’m really not into Facebook or twitter (they take up too much of my time as I’d rather be reading your books or looking through all those garden catalogs). I never stop wanting more plants and my witch hazel is starting to show a little bit of color. Spring is not far behind…yippee!

  9. Gail Morrell says:

    I bought the book (paperback) today. I’ve been putting it off so your nudge was just what I needed. If I win another book I will pass this one on to a fellow gardener. I’ve already encouraged my friends to sign up for your great emails. Thanks, for all your information.

  10. Angie Case says:

    Good morning Margaret,
    I havent yet read your book but look forward to. I run a site on facebook for non-GMO seed trading and have shared your link there.


  11. Marge Hulstrunk, says:

    I am speaking to a women’s group next week on the topic “Preparing for your spring garden”, and the following week to another group about spring flower arranging. I have a connection with an arboretum. I will do my best to pass along information about you, your web site and your books.

    I would like to obtain a couple of copies of your book asap, so I can put one in our library and bring one along when I speak to various groups over the next few months.

  12. Kathy Golden says:

    Hello Margaret,
    Your website has inspired me for several years and now that I am “semi-retired” I look forward to lots more garden time and going from inspiration to perspiration, so to speak. I bought a copy of your book yesterday at Oblong here in Rhinebeck and look forward to reading. Thank you for everything you do!

  13. Julie says:

    I liked you on Facebook and your blog. I have been sending friends the link to your blog since I found it. I’m looking forward to reading your book. I left a stressful career to do the art I always dreamed of doing, scary but wonderful. I love painting in my own and my friends gardens. Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone.

  14. Bridget Coyle says:

    Did all five. Absoultey enjoyed reading your book. It is still an amazing inspiration for me and I will always be very grateful you wrote and shared it with all of us.

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