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OVER ON MY BOOK BLOG, I’M ASKING WHAT INSPIRES YOU, and brings you peace? For me it’s nature, solitude, the chance to write again; for the visitors who have commented already, the collection of answers is wide-ranging and a great read. There’s also an inspiring video I recently discovered, and the latest chance to win a copy of my upcoming book, “And I Shall Have Some Peace There.” Go forth, watch–and enter. Good luck!

  1. Pat Owens says:

    When I found your website, it was a happy day. Someone who loved gardening and was REALLY enjoying it. Not too scientific, not too serious and doing it all with a no-nonsense approach and a sense of humor. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Only wish I had known before the first book was $125! Thanks for your blog, it’s wonderful. Pat Owens, Red Hook, NY

  2. Mary Anne Lisac says:

    Margaret, I enjoy your podcast so much. You have such a calming and deliberate voice. Your reminder of the continual cycle of the garden and the gardener has been a welcoming testiment- winter is necessary; it is cold and snowy and will soon merge into spring, So it goes. In this unstable economy perhaps others will also find “peace” growing their first garden plant or just digging in the earth.

    Thanks for all you do

    1. Margaret says:

      Thank you, Mary Anne. Digging certainly helps me to keep it (somewhat) together, of that I am certain. You are very kind to stop in and leave those kind words.

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