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PEOPLE WHO WORK ALONE AS I DO still need that water-cooler conversation and collegial encouragement…except that there aren’t any colleagues to get it from. (Yes, Jack the Demon Cat is nice, but his language skills: not so good.) So I’m often clicking around looking for virtual pats on the back and other positive vibes, like the funny little voices on the Save the Words website, or the Texas-based sociologist whose expertise in the subject of vulnerability makes her just right for someone about to have a very personal book come out February 23 (uh-oh). Have a read of those two links, won’t you, or just go browse the book blog?

  1. Carol Bass says:

    I just preordered my NookBook version of your new book and am looking forward to diving right in. I was thrilled it came out in the version, but knowing me, I will most likely pick it up in hard cover as well. I’m just tactile that way. Best wishes to you over the next few weeks. I have no doubt your book is going to do slendidly well!!

    Oh, one more thing…I have always thought that if I lived up north that I would have to have a greenhouse…even a tiny one…to make it through the winter months with some plants to tend. Have you thought of one? I guess you bring in a lot of plants that need tending and will soon be starting your seeds in the basement, so maybe that is almost the same thing. I just wondered….

    1. Margaret says:

      No greenhouse here, Carol — so much work, and also very tough with heavy snow and ice load (I have enough to manage with the house!). So I’ve always resisted. Glad to hear you got the ebook — we added photos to make it even more fun for people to visualize, but I have to say the hardcover does look nice (black and white illustrations, and a lovely jacket etc.). Fun to see it finally…and soon it will be “out there.”

  2. Diana says:

    I have been a gardener for years. I am moving unfortunately to an apartment but still will garden in pots!

    I think having your hands in dirt is the best feeling in the world!!

    1. Margaret says:

      You won’t get any arguments about that here, Diana (and welcome!). Containers are wildly fun, and in some ways (because they restrict our overdoing-it instincts) saner. Enjoy, and stop back soon.

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