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LORI DESCHENE, AKA TINY BUDDHA, doesn’t claim to be anybody’s guru, and it was her lack of pretense and big doses of practicality that caught my eye and got us talking. To mark the publication of Lori’s first book, “Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hard Questions,” I’ve and asked the founder of the web community TinyBuddha [dot] com and its anything-but-tiny Twitter and Facebook groups, to answer some questions about herself, and everything from mantras she steers by, to dealing with money worries and even her top self-help books. Plus, I’ve bought two extra copies of “Tiny Buddha” to share with you—you in? (Hint: It would make a great holiday gift for the tiny Buddha in your life.) Read, and enter to win, over on my book blog now.

  1. Kenneth Gibbons says:

    To follow up to my above comment. My Mom just went into the hospital yesterday. I showed her your blog and it helped to keep her positive. Thanks.

  2. Liezl Siozon says:

    Hi Margaret,
    I will check back to your site soon again! Speaking of balance what keeps me balanced in this hectic life pace is my love for animals. My passion for animal rescue helps me put my wordly concerns in perspective.

  3. Liezl says:

    Hi Margaret,
    I viewed your video clip A Way to Garden. Nice video! That setting looks very serene. I live right outside of NYC so I do not have alot of trees around me.I do have neighbors have do their best to garden on the terrace. But I definitely agree that communing with nature is a healthy way of life. By the way I saw a cat (black and white tuxedo). That yours? I volunteer for an animal rescue group in NJ. I am also a cat owner. Regards from NJ

  4. Liezl says:

    That’s great. So glad that Jack found you! I just saw on the ASPCA NY website about a cat named Serena (black and white cat). She has been up for adoption for around 800 days. Adoption rates are definitely slower these days. But as a cat rescue volunteer I am not giving up on them. Great that you let Jack live in your garden.

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