note to self: finally, a no-mow lawn!

I HAVE FINALLY CRACKED THE CODE of a no-mow lawn. How’s your piece of turf looking right now? Me, I’m thinking tundra is the new green. (And yes, that’s the backyard, with frogpond and giant Buddha statue on a two-tier stone wall…or is it?)

  1. Abby says:

    Like Indiana, my yard is a flat expanse, currently all white. The dips in the backyard have been filled in, and there is a small mountain next to the patio that reminds me of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. What is your Buddha made of that it can withstand the elements?

  2. Susan says:

    We don’t always have snow cover in the winter here in Philadelphia.
    The covered landscape gives my mind a rest from the constant designing that I do
    from the window all winter long. I can take a break from the list that runs through my mind as I look out on the brown winter landscape – things to be moved, removed or pruned, beds to be expanded and those that need reducing. The questions I ask myself every day, What annuals will I need? Did I plant the bulbs in the right place? What will need dividing and where will the divisions go?
    The snow acts as white noise for a while, and I welcome it.

  3. Stacy M says:

    My yard is buried in a blanket of snow. I have to say I like winter though, it’s my season for cross country skiing and watching all the trees have a rest. Something about the quiet peace and the cosy feeling of being in a warm house with some tea.

    I was just in Las Vegas for a holiday and had to laugh at the locals complaining about the cold. We’d just smile and say “we’re from Canada” :)

  4. estyn says:

    I complained about mowing all summer, but you know mowing is sounding pretty good right now — kind of a dawdle really when compared to 3 hours of shlepping wet snow while silently repeating every and any mantra I could think of so as not to give up and lie down on the soggy frozen ground, beaten by this winter.

  5. Carole ferguson says:

    Ringed in by the many Mt. Everests ringing the house after the roof was shoveled. Now when it rains on the snow…….it is aimed AT the house. Hmmmmmm.

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