new: what's growing at your place? share a photo!

FOR YEARS I HAVE WANTED to be able to see your gardens, too, and the to-do item labeled “get public photo-uploader plugin” has been on my website wishlist forever. (Don’t you love it when I talk geek? Even crazier than botanical Latin, isn’t it?) A drum-roll, please: It’s finally here! Now you can post your photos on my website. I always show you my garden–so now how about you show me yours?

My wish for a photo-uploader that you could use to post pictures to A Way to Garden was inspired by my friend Pam Kueber of RetroRenovation, and her wildly popular website about loving the “mid-century modest” home you’re in. (Like how about these 300-plus different reader living rooms–whoa! Can we top that, gardeners?).
In the future I’ll have other community photo events like this–but for now, why don’t we simply start with this theme:

Upload photo(s) of a favorite happy moment in your garden, whether a single plant or a whole scene…

Uploader Tips:

  • Please set your camera or photo-processing software (like iPhoto or Photoshop) to no bigger than “medium” images, so files aren’t too large — large files really slow down the slideshow for all to view. About 640 pixels wide and 100 kb or slightly smaller is ideal.
  • Use the “Browse” button below to find the image on your computer, then give it a caption and add your name and location in the blank field as indicated–so perhaps, “My first peony of the season, from Mary’s garden in Columbus.” Then hit the wide gray button “Choose file (ABOVE) then upload by clicking here,” and that’s it.
  • (2) Even though the uploader DOES work, and you will get a confirmation on the screen, you may also see a message that seems to say otherwise. Just an occasional bug. Simply upload ONCE and trust the image is there — though they will not appear immediately, because…
  • …All photos must be approved manually by me first, before they go live (to keep all you plant pornographers from breaking decency laws!). 
  • (3) Terms of Use apply to all uploads.
  • REMEMBER: Medium-sized images only–please no 2000-pixel or 1MB files!!!! 600-900 or so and 100kb is plenty. Thanks.

[ngg_uploader id = 91]


The Happy Garden Moments Gallery

GO AHEAD: Try it. My photo up top (and the first one in the gallery below), taken today, is of Euphorbia griffithii ‘Dixter,’ a plant I’ve grown for more than a dozen years that was said not to be hardy here so I shouldn’t even try. Take that, hardiness naysayers! What’s showy at your place now or from your photo archives? Do show-and-tell. (Click the first thumbnail to see the slides, then toggle between images using your keyboard arrows or the ones beside each caption.)