new webinar event: ‘unlocking seed secrets’

WANT TO GROW your best vegetable garden ever (and the herbs and flowers to go with it)? It all starts with a seed—and choosing the right varieties, from sources that match your garden conditions. In a lively and information-filled slideshow, I’ll demystify the politics and also the practical “aha’s” to get you growing with confidence.

Note: This is an online webinar-style event, with a slide talk first and then a listener Q&A, presented on GoToWebinar software.* A week before the event, ticketholders receive links to get set up to attend; it’s easy.

Two sections are offered (ticket order form is at bottom of page, or at this link):

Tuesday February 21 at 6:30 to 7:30 PM Eastern time, or Thursday February 23 at 2 PM to 3 PM Eastern time.

We’ll cover topics like these, and more:

  • Where does the seed in catalogs come from, anyhow?
  • Does buying organic seed matter?
  • Are hybrids OK? Are heirlooms better in some way? (And how do I avoid GMOs, which is all everyone asks these days?)
  • How do I make a calendar for what to sow when?
  • My seedlings were spindly (or germinated fine, but then pooped out). Why?
  • How come my harvest didn’t look like the photo in the catalog?
  • What annual flowers can I rely on, that also help my garden?
  • How can I solve my tomato troubles, or other pest issues?
  • What easy tactics can I use for putting up the harvest for year-round use?

*about the webinar software

Want to check now how the free-to-you webinar software will work, and even install it ahead of time and enter a “test” meeting to be sure? Click this link.

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feedback from my ‘365-day garden’ debut webinar

MY FIRST WEBINAR (Jan. 23) was about making a four-season garden–and about my own garden and gardening philosophy, and was apparently a success! Here’s what a few of the attendees had to say afterward:

‘I loved see your process and hearing you talk. In fact, I love the garden and want to move in.’

‘My deepest thanks for sharing your time, love and knowledge of gardening.’

‘Your presentation style is perfect and I will implement many of your ideas. I have already added new plants to my list.’

‘It was chock full of inspiration and information! Looking forward to the next one.’

‘I have always wanted to visit your garden, but this was almost as good as seeing it in person. Hope you will have more scheduled!’

‘The presentation was beautiful. Excited for more! Thank you.’

(Tickets for upcoming sessions of “Non-Stop Plants: The 365-Day Garden” are at this link.)


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