new! calculate when to start seed indoors and out

A Way to Garden when to start seed calculatorI THOUGHT IT WAS TIME: time to give A Way to Gardeners a tool right here on the website for calculating when to start seed for vegetables, common flowers and herbs in spring.  Like everything I publish and most everything in gardening, the new feature is based simply on how I think about things, not some hard-and-fast set of rules; all I can offer is my best guidance, not doctrine. (That’s why the website is called “A Way to Garden,” not “The Way to Garden.”) Go ahead: Try the new seed-starting calculator now.

  1. Now, isn’t that handy. Thanks! Winter seems to be hanging on here. We get a few spring days and then a blast of cold again. Trying not to get ahead of myself for planting. Really sticking to that last average frost date this year (April 18 for us).

  2. Colleen Lanchester-Raynie says:

    Looks like I’m a little ahead of schedule with my indoor plantings, but this is one winter when I needed to jump the gun to keep my spirits afloat! (Had trouble with the link posted under the red/white icon, but found a link that worked under “related posts”. Juts thought you might want to know. : )

  3. Kenn (GardenGuyKenn) says:

    Excellent calculator tool! It looks like the end of May will be a very, very busy time for me! Thanks, Margaret!

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