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SOMETIMES I DO LEAVE THE HOUSE, even when the garden’s asleep and the mowing’s done. Friday and again Sunday, it was a nearby waterfall; yesterday a former dairy-farm field turned into parkland (both are in the top photo collage; see them bigger on the jump page). I’m wandering farther afield in my walks. Why do I mention this? So you can see some of the places you might visit visit if you come to the garden next spring or summer during a Garden Conservancy Open Day.

I’ve started to compile the 2013 events calendar…and it includes lots of book-related events, too (no walking involved in those!). Lots more workshops and details to be added, but it’s a start…more events, and more walks, to come.

roeliff-jansen park, hillsdale and copake, new york

To places like Bash Bish Falls, technically in Massachusetts, but a very short way up the road from my house (below), and Roeliff-Jansen Park on the Hillsdale-Copake, New York, border (above). I’ll take my real camera along sometime–these were taken impromptu by me and my friend Jay with our phones.

  1. ann says:

    Haven’ t seen green grass around here for weeks as a couple of ft of snow cover most everything. Loved Bish Bash Falls and will visit it soon. Gonna be some great events and anxious to see your new book, too.

  2. Liz G says:

    Bash Bish is the greatest, cool and green in the summer. But, in the middle of winter, when ice cloaks the falling water, it is awesome.

    I’ve always thought of the “way to Margaret Roach’s place” is to head toward Bash Bish and turn right, just before the Falls.

  3. Ailsa says:

    I highly recommend a visit to your garden on Conservancy open house days, Margaret, not to mention the surrounding environs! We had an absolute blast when visiting a few years ago all the way from Canada, and stayed in a lovely place in Hudson (The Union Street Guest house) with gorgeous shops and restaurants nearby – we were truly wowed. I look forward to visiting your neck of the woods again and perhaps seeing some of these wilder spaces as well….

  4. What a great photo of Bash Bish falls! Being a native New Yorker, I know your neck of the woods pretty well as I would leave NYC as much as I could to go camping and hiking around there. Lovely place and wonderful memories–thanks.

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