my recent talk with apartment therapy is online

apt therapy meetupWHAT A TREAT: THE TEAM AT APARTMENT THERAPY brought my recent appearance and slideshow at their New York City Meetup to life on their site, and even transcribed the fun interview that AT founder Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan did with me that night, to accompany my images. Might be a first; not sure I’ve ever been transcribed before. I’m feeling very statesman-like and official as a result, so please address me accordingly (tee-hee). What I said, and the slides I showed to the lively audience of designers, can be found here. Enjoy!

  1. Kayne Rourke says:

    Margaret –

    It was great to hear your story, and to be inspired by your beautiful home and gardens. I can’t wait for the day when I have a patch of land to call my own. I hope to visit during one of your open houses this spring / summer to see the source of your inspiring photographs. Thank you again for visiting with us “offline” at the Apartment Therapy monthly meet up.

    ~ kayne

  2. Andrea_R says:

    Now I want to come over for the garden tour! :)

    This got me thinking – any tips for lilac bushes? I have a line at the north side of the house. the previous owner cut them back to the ground almost, and last year one of them finally gave me three stems that blossomed.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Andrea. You are most welcome at the tours or anytime, too, my WordPress sister. :) As for lilacs, yes, I do have some thoughts. To bloom well and not get all tall and leggy, they need decent sun, so “north side” might be why they got cut back — perhaps they got all rangy wanting more light? If you are worried the pruning wasn’t done properly or needs refining, start with these older posts on pruning in general (includes a section on lilacs) and a longer lilac pruning post (and you can look at an old gallery of lilacs, too, if you want, from Year 1, before I used NextGen Gallery for my slideshows..remind me to change that one over. (Apologies to all others for talking WP and NGG talk.)

      Welcome, Kayne. I do hope that you will come visit, and was glad you could make it to the meet up — I had such a good time, and normally I hate to go anywhere but home these days, but it was a great group. Thanks for your kind words of support and encouragement.

  3. Bobster says:

    Happened to be working on a project a couple blocks from the meet-up but just couldn’t get there in time without coming in late and was sooo disappointed to miss it. Seeing the transcript made up for it! Really nice interview…sounds like it was a lovely evening. AT has a great site, so much information and they just seem like nice folks.

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