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WHEN I LEARNED I was to receive the Scott Medal from Scott Arboretum at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, the arboretum director explained how the March 10 awards ceremony would work. I’d give a talk, Claire Sawyers said, as part of the event–of maybe an hour in length.

“What topic would be of interest to your audience?” I asked, thinking she meant a garden lecture. “No, talk about yourself,” she said.

“Talk about myself for an hour?” I thought, but biting my tongue and staying silent. Uh-oh.

But I did, sort of, and now it’s available (above, or at this link on YouTube) for those of you who did not attend in person or on Zoom that day to watch. I managed to weave in various examples of my slightly deranged sense of humor, and multiple photos of frogs, too, of course.

A special treat for me: My friend Drew Schuyler of Untermyer Gardens Conservancy in Yonkers, N.Y., introduced me, and I think you’ll enjoy his remarks, too.

It probably goes without saying that I was very grateful to be added to the list of people awarded the prize since 1930, who “have made an outstanding national contribution to the science and the art of gardening,” according to the arboretum website. Many thanks to all involved.

  1. Liz says:

    Hi Margaret,

    Congratulations on receiving the Scott’s Medal! I have listened to your podcast for years. Thanks for sharing your knowledge along with many experts knowledge on gardening and nature. I have learned and tried many new gardening concepts because of you.

    Thanks so much,

  2. Marlene M. Gakle says:

    wonder filled talk, Margaret! Yes, so much to learn in an older garden. Mine is very small but many plants are at least 25 years old. So much to learn. I am 88 so I won’t be learning it all but hope to learn more as I can. Thanks again for your devotion. You and Ruth Stout are my heroes!

  3. Robert Roggeveen says:

    This is a talk to re-visit. It is a talk with so many riches, especially those that breathe into us that immanent spirit of the garden. A better, mailed thank you is on order. Thank you to the Scott Arboretum. The medal is an outward sign of your special inward grace.

  4. Mary Rupert says:

    What fun listening and watching you offer up your “backyard parables” (borrowing the title of your good book), your “deranged sense of humor”, and all of your years (not a dig, I’m nearly 69) of garnering wisdom of the wild – all creatures great and small with whom we share our planet – through your passionate curiosity and caring. What an inspiration! And I happened to hear a mention of the director of the Botanic Garden at the Historic Barns in Traverse City – just a few miles from home for us. Congratulations, Margaret!

  5. Lynda B. Waldrep says:

    Loved this review of your gardening life! Enjoyed this as much or more as any plant discussion! So personal. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Rhonda Grove says:

    Thank you for that talk, I felt very moved by it.
    The strong comments to your NYT columns have been noticed by me, and are at times just over the top almost zealous. Your balance is very much appreciated by me and makes so much sense and speaks to my experience. You are a garden scientist philosopher and teacher, thank you so much.
    Thank you,
    – Rhonda

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