my podcast is now on spotify (and still on itunes and stitcher…)

IN CASE you hadn’t noticed, I want to be your gardening companion—whispering over your shoulder to keep weeding, or try some crazy new annual, or grow your best tomato ever. The A Way to Garden podcast is one way I can do that, and many readers and listeners say they even actually listen to it out in the garden (which really makes me smile). To make it easier to access, it’s now on Spotify, too, not just iTunes and Stitcher and other popular apps. I hope today is the day you’ll subscribe (free!) to it—and I promise not to be too horribly bossy.

how to get the a way to garden podcast

P.S. — Want to help the show grow (while I hopefully help you grow stuff)? Give it a rating on the app you use, or share the link with your garden club or other garden friends. Thank you!

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  1. Linda S says:

    I’m looking forward to listening to your podcast while gardening! I’m moving from a hot dry climate where nothing will grow anymore to a cooler climate that actually gets rain. Your advice will be more helpful to me in my new home. Thanks!

  2. Scott says:

    Going north to Charleston I’m a month for the garden show…. Long drive from West Palm yet get to see my good sis in Ponte Vedra. Looking forward to this….I’ve never been to Charleston . Hope you are well

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