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mulch faq
JUST AFTER SPRING’S OWN SNOW OF APPLE BLOSSOMS, crabapples and lilacs falls, I set to mulching the beds beneath them, timing my work to spare the fresh, dark coat of mulch any sullying. Flower-free beds got topped up first, with carefully chosen mulch that improves my soil, conserves moisture and suppresses weeds. Questions? My mulch FAQ page is at the ready, if you’re wondering what makes a good mulch (and doesn’t), or when and how much to apply, among other tactics and tips. Rather listen to the topic? My latest Robin Hood Radio weekly podcast tackled mulch; stream it now or subscribe free on iTunes.

  1. Terri says:

    Oh good–I was beginning to wonder whether there were going to be any more podcasts. I get a lot out of them! You provide lots of info without sounding like a textbook. :)

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