my ‘happiness project’ profile, and a giveaway

FOR THREE YEARS, I’VE BEEN BLOGGING on A Way to Garden, and for three years, I’ve been watching as Gretchen Rubin—until three weeks ago a stranger to me—manifested her own online community, The Happiness Project, from scratch. From the start, I thought, “this person is on to something,” and sure enough, a Number 1 book of the same name came to be. Just weeks before my own book launched, we finally met, and here’s what happened (with a chance to win one of three copies of Gretchen’s new paperback edition, out today, that I bought to help celebrate her success). Go enter.

  1. Tammy Weinzatl says:

    I found your website while deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. The deployment was very challenging and downright horrible at times. I’m a nurse and saw horrendous suffering. The one thing that kept me sane and connected to life back home….what really helped get me through….were those quiet moments alone in my tent reading and listening to podcasts about gardening! Thank you for your passion for gardening, and well-done on your site. I just came back to it lately, again to escape my professional “world”; your website has grown into a fabulous place for gardening lovers. I dream of the day when I can leave the rat race behind and seek peace in my own garden!

    1. Margaret says:

      Well, Tammy, that’s about the nicest compliment I ever got. Afghanistan — its people, our soldiers and other personnel there — are very much on my mind right now, of course. Here’s to all kinds of peace — in the garden, in the world. Will send you a note offline to make sure you get this. Thanks again, for the kind words and the brave contribution you made.

  2. Linda zang says:

    Margaret, I love your site! I have passed it on to many people and I love The Happiness Project! Can’t wait to get it after reading about it here; appeals to me on so many levels.

  3. Bonita says:

    Please give my chance to win the book to Tammy, the image of her making a home inside a war zone is profound. I’ve spent the last decade immersed in veg gardening in WI and also never feel the need to leave home. Definely my happiest of 6 decades.

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