my funny valentine: jack in the pot

jack in the big potsI CONFESS: It’s true love–between me and Jack the Demon Cat, that is. But as with any couple, sometimes we need some distance. When he’s had enough of me, Jack heads outside to the giant stacked-up pots overwintering on the back porch to grab some alone time. Jack in the Pot—not in the Pulpit, or the Box. Jack of my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day from both of us.

  1. Wendy says:

    I love Jack……………..you too Margaret for all that you give us thru your website.
    Thank you!
    More pictures of Jack would be lovely!

    1. margaret says:

      Isn’t he a handsome man, Wendy? I have come to love him and rely on him so much — such an unexpected experience for someone who didn’t really think of having a house pet until he showed up.

  2. Daisy Marshall says:

    Love that picture!!!! Mr Buster and I had a great Valentine’s day a s well, my sweet little lord and master. Savoring Parables Margaret. Food for the soul. Look forward to seeing and hearing more from your precious furry Valentine……

  3. Jan says:

    So sweet! “Jack in the Pot” reminds me of my grandaughter Isabella’s first days in this world – her Mom had to stay in the hospital while she came home with Dad each night & return to her Mom for feeding for about a week. He transported her in the baby seat and called her “Portabella” … she is now known as Bella.

  4. Ruth Holt says:

    I love, love, love the stories of Jack the Demon Cat. I have found over and over that people who say they don’t like cats have never personally known one. Since cats are supposed to be the only animals to have domesticated themselves, they can go feral at any time. Other domestic animals are not supposed to be able to do that. Yet they choose to share our lives. We’re the lucky ones because they don’t really need us. I love dogs, but cats just go with gardens.

    1. margaret says:

      Thanks, Ruth. My guy stayed wild for the first 5 or 6ish years I knew him, coming to get kibble in a shed here, and sleeping in there (especially in the cold months) but never coming into the house other than a minute or two out of curiosity. Then things changed a few years ago. Now, I suspect he’d prefer that I move into the shed sometimes. :)

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