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outdoor broom by casabellaI’M ARMED WITH A RAKE, yes, but also with a broom for spring cleanup (and in fall both get a constant workout, too). But not just any broom will do for bringing order to hard surfaces like walkways, the patio, porches, and even the cement floors of barn and shed.

Inevitably, there is not just soil and grit to brush aside, but also moisture on outdoor surfaces. Traditional corn-fiber brooms can take a beating after repeated damp duty. See what I mean?

busted broom 2The broom that has never given up here is not made of natural fibers, but of stiff, thick polypropylene “bristles.” It’s by Casabella, and called its Outdoor All Surface Broom. Despite vigorous and prolonged use over many years I have barely damaged a single one, and the broom is still perfectly crisply shaped. Bonus: The bristles can be washed if they get muddy, as they usually do.

outdoor broom by CasabellaAbout $21 plus tax, including shipping, via Amazon (affiliate link), or Casabella; about $16 if you can find it at a home store and carry it home. The current version has a snappy orange band around the bristles (above), not black-on-gray like my old faithful version (top of page).

  1. Minnie says:

    Thanks. I’ve been looking for a sturdy, effective outdoor broom. Will check a couple of stores before ordering.

  2. Kathy says:

    I love Casabella products. They do stand up to the test of time. I like the shape of this outdoor broom- not too big, not too small. I’m sure the handle will not come loose from the base as have so many other outdoor tools I’ve used. Thanks for this recommendation.

    1. margaret says:

      Thanks, Jeanie. Shipping from BB&B brings it tot he same price, I believe, as elsewhere…but if you are near a store you win! : )

  3. Deb says:

    I use a broom for everything, indoors and out! I will definitely try this one. Although the Amish made brooms that I buy at Farmers Markets in PA are far superior to any corn brooms sold in stores.

    1. margaret says:

      I agree, Deb; the Amish brooms are excellent. Just that natural materials seem to absorb moisture (of course!) and for the dirty stone areas and sidewalks I like the very stiff polypropylene.

  4. KF says:

    I just finished laboring w/ my old broom. Once again, you enlighten me. More than that, you get me through the winter. It’s like a weekly visit from a really good and knowledgeable friend. I wait until everything is done so I can sit down and enjoy each newsletter.

    1. margaret says:

      Very sweet of you to say so, KF. When I bought this broom years ago at someone’s recommendation I thought: UGH. But wow, it has served me well!

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Ann. A woodworking neighbor made them for me adapted to a pattern from the public garden in NYC called Wave Hill.

  5. Kathy Pellerin says:

    I am desperate for a decent all-purpose outdoor broom. Still using the one my dad had in the garage… He passed in 1969. Sentiment does not do the job!!! Will look at BB&B first – thanks for all your great ideas, suggestions and gardening sense.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I am learning so much from you!
    You are like a neighbor who has great
    gardening advice.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  7. dagmar says:

    My local bed bath and beyond has it in stock for 14.99 and you could use their 20% off coupon bringing it to 11.99 + tax.
    So try your local store

  8. Kathy Pellerin says:

    Bought the new broom – love it…. Expensive at BB&B – but had a coupon that softened the blow. Considering I have never purchased a broom ( always used hand-me-downs) – I am quite excited to have a a boom that does exactly what I want it to do,and not shed…Just “swept” spring snow away from the door – with ease. Best purchase of the season!

  9. BeBe says:

    I bought this broom at BB&B last spring. A southerner by birth, I love to sweep and find it therapeutic! Living in New England for more than half my life now, I have learned to deal with snow, sweeping the light, fluffy stuff is preferable to shoveling unless, of course, the snowfall is too deep to shovel. THIS broom, however is perfect for removing ice which tends to form on my deck. I’ve developed a system to keep the deck clear so no one falls and have relied on this broom all winter, keeping the use of ice melt (yech) to a bare minimum! Who knew?!? A thousand thanks, Margaret.

  10. Annie Kelley says:

    I have an old Casabella outdoor use broom that I love and have had for years. I wanted to get another one recently and it seems they don’t make the same style anymore as I can’t find it anywhere. I tried to post a picture of it here but was unable to get it to show up. I will look for this newer style and give it a try!

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