9/6 tomato-garlic workshop

workshop collageIT’S THE BEST OF TIMES: garden- and farm-fresh tomato and garlic season. And it gets even better if you can join me with my friend and hit cookbook author Alana Chernila (“The Homemade Pantry”) for a very special day of food, garden talk, and great company in a small workshop-sized group Saturday, September 6, in Copake Falls, New York.

Limited to 12 people. Breakfast and lunch served; go home with preserved goodies, too, like Alana’s amazing Tomato Jam, and pickled garlic—plus knowledge for better growing, preserving, and more. (The full curriculum is on the ticket site at this link.)

We’ll walk in the garden, and talk plants and food, including where to shop for seed garlic and the best tomato seed, and how to grow and harvest both–even how to create your own strain of a favorite one of each by saving “seed.” In interactive show-and-tell with some hands-on participation, we’ll also learn many great kitchen tactics and recipes.

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