must reading: food-labeling post mortem

BAD NEWS, GOOD NEWS: Proposition 37, the California initiative that would have required labeling of foods containing GMOs, was outspent by its massive corporate food opponents and went down to defeat last week, in a flood of deceptive and expensive ads. But I want to think that the awareness that this fight created was the start of something good; that it got us all thinking, and forming an opinion. Analysis you will want to read (from sites anyone who cares about what they eat will want to subscribe to or bookmark):

One other bright spot, as I noted on Facebook the day after Election Day: San Juan County, Washington, made it illegal to “propagate, cultivate, raise or grow plants, animals and other organisms which have been genetically modified.

  1. DeLInda Owens-Llewellyn says:


    As a resident of Whatcom County, WA I’m very proud and pleased with all our wonderful orgainc farmers and farms. I’m vegitarian, husband is vegan and meals are almost always completely organic. I love heriloom seeds for the garden. However shopping for these items requires plenty of driving and time, and I wish things were more available. Very happy to see anything that is in favor of our organic farmers, wholesome foods and families like mine.

    1. margaret says:

      You’re welcome, Viqueen. I don’t have the depth of expertise that these specialist writers do, and I admire each of them. Nice to see you!

  2. viqueen says:

    Is it just me or does it seem, more and more, that it’s a fight to get an uncomfortable truth published? Corporations vs. the little guy? Maybe that’s too broad. Just seeing a lot of it.

    L O V E your web site.

  3. Rae says:

    I will always support organizations or producers who will continue to fight the GMO status. It sickens me to think about Monsanto, etc. who control our foods. No more buying foods with corn syrup, corn oil, or any use of these plants that I can’t be sure of as pure the way the Creator intended.

  4. Claudia says:

    Thanks, Margaret, for always providing such good links on all topics. The gmo
    debate is of particular interest to me. Appreciate all the info.

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