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the backyard parables coverOUR VIRTUAL WORLD requires that authors of new books do more than go to bookstores and libraries to speak—they need to hold a “blog book tour,” too. Week 3 of mine includes several new chances to win a copy of “The Backyard Parables” and some juicy stories, too.

the latest stories

Susan Harris at Garden Rant: Susan wished me “woo-woo back atcha!” in her story about what I call the “shrub season” of my life, about obsessive plant phases we have known, and more. Enjoy!

Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl: Gayla, with whom I’ve corresponded since I began blogging five years ago (she’s in her 13th year, an internet pioneer!), wrote her story mentioning my book in the form of a letter to me. She’s offering copies in a giveaway as well.

Leslie Land: Leslie, who I first knew when she did garden Q&A for the “New York Times” and who gardens not far from me, had only one question to ask, but it turned out to be a doozie that connected some dots for me I hadn’t connected before.  Books up for grabs in a giveaway, too, all here.

Dirt du Jour: A book giveaway on “Free book Friday”—and this time it’s of my latest. Go forth, and enter.

Cold Climate Gardening: Kathy Purdy’s post includes a book giveaway, over at Cold Climate Gardening. Years ago, Kathy visited here one fall day and I have the autumn crocus, or Colchicum, she brought from her own place to prove it. Nice!

plus 16 previous tour stops!

THE 16 previous stops—podcasts and Q&As and etc.—are all outlined with links on this page. Thanks, readers and bloggers, for all your interest in “The Backyard Parables.”

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  1. Mary Strayer says:

    Heavy snow is in Northern Ohio, so we watch the garden and all the plants we left there to gather snow, sparkle and shine for us; it keeps us going, and the plants give structure to the garden even in the heavy snow. Winter in Ohio gives us the time we need to plan next years gardens, whether big or little, but a time to imagine what can be changed, and what should be taken out. It’s exciting to sketch out my gardens, quite a task for 2 acres of gardens, but so very rewarding when the rush of spring is upon us with so much to do in the gardens.

  2. LiriopePisces says:

    Margaret, the link to Leslie Land’s story appears to be compromised. My security system blocked it and the site then tried to download a few files. Just an FYI.

  3. Lisa Kenney says:

    I spent this unseasonably warm Colorado weekend reading The Backyard Parables from cover to cover and it was wonderful! I’m now entering just my second year of gardening and I saw myself — the beginning gardener — throughout all four seasons. I have; however, become much more inclined to plant young trees and shrubs this spring, along with the herbaceous pretty plants I can’t get enough of! Thank you for such a delightful weekend companion.

  4. Michelle Robinson says:

    Hello Margaret, I am looking forward to being picked to receive a copy of your new book. My “official” gardening job starts on the 6th of May although I have been doing indoor gardening by planting bulbs. Looking forward to the 2013 growing season as I am hoping to learn more about growing vegetables.

  5. Kathleen says:

    Have you heard of the Ikea effect? NPR had a story about findings of social scientists you build something an Ikea bookshelf say and it looks wonky but to the builder it is awesome to family members not so much ” look honey you installed the moulding upside down . Anyway The Ikea effect in gardening — my azaleas are blooming the shrubs have a few blossoms here and there It is not middleton gardens in Charleston but I dug the hole and I didn’t kill it and I really like it — is this the ikea effect ; could be better but i “created” the tableau and I am happy, afraid to change , improve help?. Yes, gardening involves patience no ? fertilizer see new growth I guess up untill now questioning my situation– perhaps the Ikea effect in my garden is giving me some perspective a new context as I sit here admiring er studying my front yard land scape I do love the gravel paths I think it helps with the water drainage I digress The Ikea Gardening effect we need to break ground on the tacky front yard!!

  6. Claudia says:

    Hi, Margaret! I am enjoying your new book on my Kindle Fire, and look forward to reading your article in the Shambhala Sun. I received an email from the magazine with an excerpt. I don’t have a subscription, but am going out tomorrow to buy a copy. Good luck with the upcoming blizzard. Brrrrrrrr.

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