more about mushrooms: a video

mushroom video opening imageMORE MUSHROOMS–ON THE GROUND HERE in the garden, and on the blog, too. Apparently we aren’t the only ones who noticed what all the rains have brought. NPR’s “Science Friday” recently re-ran a video on mushroom basics with an expert from the New York Botanical Garden to mark what feels like the year of the mushroom in the Northeast, as I mentioned the other day. [Update: The video no longer embeds well here, so see it at this link instead.] (Thanks to longtime A Way to Garden reader Johanna for the tipoff to this fascinating fungi video.)

  1. So pleased to have watched this.

    A little notice came up at the end of the video with a code for embedding it in our own sites.

    I would quite like to do that but don’t know what the ethics / conventions are. If it were a photo, I couldn’t simply put a copy on Loose and Leafy – but videos don’t seem to be the same.

    Enlightenment on this would be much appreciated!


    1. Margaret says:

      Fine to use the video, Lucy — I got the embed code from the Science Friday site and they encourage sharing. You can go there and confirm their approval for yourself and grab the code if you prefer. The link is in the post.

    1. Margaret says:

      Nice to see you, Karin. I’m fascinated, too, by fungi and also nowadays by insects and such. So many thing I just never took careful notice of before. but now I stop and look.

  2. Kakie says:

    I LOVE THAT VIDEO!!! Margaret, I too am fascinated by insects and the smaller creatures on this beautiful planet. Thanks for the video. You brightened an otherwise dull Sunday morning at work. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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