‘meet your next favorite plant,’ a free webinar with ken druse aug. 10

MEET YOUR NEXT favorite plant…and learn how to make it work for you. That’s the topic of a free webinar Thursday, Aug. 10, at 6 PM EDT with me and Ken Druse. The idea:

We all want eye-catching plants—but we also want (and need) plants with a purpose.

Ken and I invite you to a free webinar showcasing the real standouts they recommend that combine both form and function in sometimes unexpected ways.

To just name a few categories among many possibilities that will be covered: We’ll offer suggestions for going way beyond the usual ground-cover subjects, for instance, or the same-old, same-old plants for screening an unwanted view—showcasing exceptional ones instead that you may not be growing or even know.

Do you think natives can only work in looser, naturalistic designs? We have other ideas, perfect for more formal settings. Plus, meet ourtop alternatives for brightening dark spots, maximizing textural contrasts in your designs, or serving as the most dramatic exclamation points with their columnar stature and more.

Come talk plants with us (and bring your questions).

Caveat emptor: Ken and I cannot be held responsible for any plant-focused binge-shopping that follows this webinar.

Margaret Roach and Ken Druse About the presenters: Ken Druse, author of 20 garden books including “The New Shade Garden” and “The Collector’s Garden,” and Margaret, the “New York Times” garden columnist and creator of the “A Way to Garden” website, podcast and book, also collaborate on The Virtual Garden Club, a popular multi-session online course held several times each year.


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