meet bob, the new cat in my life

dsc_0500SOME OF YOU will recall my beloved Jack, who departed in 2014 but is not forgotten (nor can ever truly be replaced). Since last winter, I have been blessed with the companionship of Bob, who yesterday devoured a mouse outside the kitchen window, allowing me to catch the quick snapshot above.

Sometimes I spy him when he comes to drink from the frog pool just beyond the back porch (you know, the one the black bear thinks is a hot tub?), but usually Bob hunts in the unmown meadow above the house, listening intently before pouncing on his prey the way my Jack did, and in the very same favored spot. Cats!

I thought you would enjoy seeing how magnificent he is. More about Eastern bobcats.

If you don’t recall Jack, here’s something from the archives:

remembering my man jack

  1. Sue Metzner says:

    I was relieved to read your post — you do realize the animal pictured is not a domestic cat ???? I thought I was going to have to break it to you.

  2. Deborah West says:

    I love my two outside semi-feral cats. They were caught, taken to the vet for rabies & other necessary shots, neutered, brought back home and released. They prefer to stay outside and are great garden cats keeping voles and a few anole lizards and snakes at bay. They allow me to pet them when I feed them in the morning and afternoon. Most of the time I spy them lounging beneath the azalea bushes or sunning in the lawn. Life is good if you are a Southern cat in my garden.

  3. Jean Margolis says:

    I can see why you named him Bob. He looks a lot like a Bobcat in this picture. Cats seem to know when to appear in your life to help fill a vacancy.

  4. Farlena says:

    Love your garden and plant info Margaret!
    I have taken in a beautiful calico girl. Had her spayed & she’s been around a year.
    There is about an acre here, in Ohio, a close park that is about 15 acres.
    Only thing is I do love the rabbits and she is eliminating them.
    Not sure what to do and she would never be happy in the house all the time.
    Any ideas anyone?

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Farlena. Wildlife conservationists — especially those concerned about songbird declines — say emphatically that domestic cats when allowed to hunt outdoors are the leading cause of songbird death and also kill many other kinds of valuable wildlife (snakes, amphibians, etc.). I don’t think your local rabbits are endangered or otherwise threatened — there always seems to me an excess of those! — but I’d worry that the cat is doing other harm. Experts say no cats should be allowed to roam outdoors. Some grim numbers.


    that he is a bobcat means that you probably don’t need to fear the other predators in your area. just don’t invite him in

  6. Cathryn Kasper says:

    I felt so sad when your Jack died – he was a virtual twin of my Jack (a 15 pounder!) in looks and habits. I enjoyed reading of his exploits, as it brought back many dear memories of my Jack, long departed. Now, as to Bob, all I can say is “do not get chickens!” – we have several local Bobs who have forced us to build a safe chicken run. We’ve had to shoo our Bobs away even in daytime. One ran off with our only duck, Carleton, and caused a $300 vet bill. Just be forewarned when all those cute chicks show up at the feed store next spring!!!

  7. Lorie says:

    A blessing from Mother Nature to help transition the seasons. You are so blessed to have been “found” as is your new friend. Live happily and learning about each other’s wants and needs.

  8. Lorie says:

    What a beauty. We live in north county San Diego in canyon country amidst the chaparral. We have a pond in the courtyard and I happend to see a baby Bob drinking at our pond. I managed to snap a quick photo too.

    Enjoy your BOB.

    Love your newsletter! Love the podcast with Rebecca Katz!

  9. Laura Robinson says:

    Beautiful bobcat! I am so happy you are blessed with Bob’s arrival. I will never forget Jack, and I, as I am sure countless other fans of yours, look forward to your wonderful photos and writings that will be forthcoming about your new ‘kitty’ Bob.

  10. Ellen C. Farmer says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful memorial of Jack, what a handsome guy! How nice that Bob has come to visit and distract you from missing your loss of friend/ family.

  11. Oh wow, a bobcat! I’ve always wanted to see one. We heard them sometimes yowling in the mountains of WV. (Or maybe it was a panther, in local jargon). We live near you in Stanfordville, I’ll keep my eyes peeled and maybe we’ll be graced with one someday.

  12. Sarah says:

    So f’ing incredible to have a Bobcat. So jealous. Such a beautiful animal–those ear markings, for instance. I’ve read they are out there and glad that they really are. I just have my Tommy who looks wildish as he’s mostly Maine Coon but only gets as far as back screened in porch when it comes to hunting unless a mouse comes in the house which has been known to happen. More pictures!!

  13. Maria says:

    How exciting! I love see Bob the cat. What an honor to have him as a visitor.

    I also love seeing Jack again. I really love your story with Jack and love re-reading about him and how he showed up in your life that day. What a handsome boy!

  14. Debbie says:

    I looked at that “cat” and said it sure looks like a bobcat to me and I hope she is not bringing it in!!! Beautiful animal. Here is western CT near the NY border about a month ago… I had a bobcat stand in front of my tractor and look at me like I was crazy. Not too afraid. I have not seen one in years and I have lived here all my life. What a sight to see but I am like you a big bird feeder so I see many types of critters and birds that I would never have if I did not. Enjoy our friends of nature.

  15. Kathy says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Perhaps this is Jack reincarnated as the wild cat he longed to be? I would like to think so. My Mojo would be the bear in the “hot tub” although he preferred to polar dip. Oh, the holes in our hearts. I love that you have created a “meadow” and that it is now a hunting ground!

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