meet bob, the new cat in my life

dsc_0500SOME OF YOU will recall my beloved Jack, who departed in 2014 but is not forgotten (nor can ever truly be replaced). Since last winter, I have been blessed with the companionship of Bob, who yesterday devoured a mouse outside the kitchen window, allowing me to catch the quick snapshot above.

Sometimes I spy him when he comes to drink from the frog pool just beyond the back porch (you know, the one the black bear thinks is a hot tub?), but usually Bob hunts in the unmown meadow above the house, listening intently before pouncing on his prey the way my Jack did, and in the very same favored spot. Cats!

I thought you would enjoy seeing how magnificent he is. More about Eastern bobcats.

If you don’t recall Jack, here’s something from the archives:

remembering my man jack

  1. I’m happy that your resident “BOB-the-bobcat” has found you and taken control of your property. They are beautiful creatures and will be a great deterrent to the bunnies and voles .
    I wish we had a Bob in our area, but I think the coyotes are a pretty good replacement. We have 2 rescue labs, who have no interest in chasing away the rabbits and other critters that periodically destroy my gardens. But at least the groundhogs have finally left our woodpile.

  2. Alfred Dubiel says:

    I like Bob very much, my home connects to a reserve here in Central Florida and we also have some of these wonderful natural gifts roaming our place. Once in awhile our local Bob cat jumps on our tin roof over my bedroom and makes a heck of a racket. Wakes everyone up, we go out and he looks at us, jumps down and walks away. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your newsletter. Al

  3. Kate says:

    I came to one of your Ken Druse workshops and open garden day in August 2012. Afterwards, I went for a bike ride down the rail trail near your house and saw a bobcat! S/he came up one side of the trail, quickly crossed it, and disappeared down the other side. Really thrilling! Maybe it was your Bob, or a relative?

  4. Laura says:

    Oh, Margaret, I’m so glad you have a new cat in your life. A very magnificent specimen!!
    I do miss Jack and your posts about him incubating the catnip in its pot.

  5. Linda says:

    Great Bobcat! You know that part of the stealth of Bobcats and their easy foot print ID in snow, is that they leave just 2 tracks per 4 footsteps since the back paw is placed where the front paw on that side was placed. Unless they get distracted and roam a bit. And in Colorado when the snow is drifted and deep in spots, the Bobcat leaps instead of the individual steps. Our Bobcat went by the study this morning in search of our resident rabbits. Have fun!

  6. Cindy says:

    Not the same as a kitty who sits in your lap, but a really cool predator to take care of some of the rodent issues in the garden. Very cool–thanks for sharing!

  7. Irena says:

    I was thinking to myself “this ain’t no cat, look at its ears!” Ha, all I had to do is continue reading. Thanks for sharing the link about CT’s wild animals. He won’t be your lap pet, but a most gorgeous walking pest control – for sure. Congratulations to your new companion!

  8. Marie says:

    You’re quick with the camera! I’m usually in such awe that I don’t think to reach for one in time! The bobcat is an interesting animal. Google “bobcat as a totem” and find out what message is being sent to you. Very interesting.
    I have been blessed with them in my yards for over 30 years. I saw my last one about 3 weeks ago, shortly before the sudden loss of my sister. Bittersweet memory. Ah, the wonders of nature, if you’ll take the time to see them.

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