margaret’s garden in april ‘martha stewart living’

IT’S LIKE A HOMECOMING of sorts, the experience of seeing my garden in the pages of the April 2019 issue of “Martha Stewart Living,” where I was fortunate to work for so many years. I thought you might like to take a peek, too. Here’s how, if you don’t already subscribe to the magazine.

Special thank-you’s to photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo, and to features editor Melissa Ozawa of MSL.

P.S. — A week earlier, the garden and I were in “The Washington Post,” if you missed that news.


  1. Jean Margolis says:

    The picture of your birdhouse blew me away. I have the same wooden birdhouse on a metal pole that two of the same type of birds come and nest in every year. Will get the issue to see the article. Enjoy your post. Jean

  2. Sharon B. says:

    Congratulations, Margaret, for both this article and the one in the Washington Post. I have followed you since your MS days (I still come across clipped articles you wrote in my files!). But most of all, thank you for your broad, gentle perspective on the garden, gardening, and the gardener.

  3. joan mckniff says:

    AH ! As I stumbled across you on line, and have so enjoyed your newsletter, I had no idea of your career creds. I think I’m glad I didn’t;I might not have sent you such casual comments or thought ” that looks interesting but I think I’ll do it this way.” Kudos on the your garden coverage and even more on your lovely tone here, making all level of gardeners feel welcome.

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