margaret to winter: please release me, let me go…

PLEASE RELEASE ME, LET ME GO, for I don’t love you any more.” That’s what I am singing to The Winter That Just Won’t Quit after the latest ice storm overnight Sunday into yesterday. Every bud, needle, twig, trunk, vine remains totally encased in ice. Even I, the 365-Day Gardener, have run out of patience with it. You?

  1. Margaret Andrews says:

    We are waiting for yet another storm to arrive up here in Quebec this evening. Snow snow and more snow. I have had enough but will be glad that my garden will be well soaked once all of this white melts away. Hopefully sooner than later….ugh….

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Peg. I want to plant peas this week, too…ground frozen again today but on the next opportunity… :)

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