margaret interviewed by gretchen rubin of ‘the happiness project’

YEARS AGO, Gretchen Rubin of “The Happiness Project” fame and I were on an author panel together, when we both had new books out. Turns out we have friends in common as well, and so using those or any other tiny wedges possible, I’ve kept trying peskily since to convince her that gardening=serious happiness.

My latest attempt to spread the garden gospel was to accept an invitation for a Q&A with Gretchen, who kindly celebrated the release of my latest book by interviewing me.

Now, not about gardening; admittedly, I still haven’t got her out there digging, so she didn’t ask about exceptional rhizomatous begonias or how and when to prune Hydrangea paniculata. I’ll keep after her, I promise. Instead she wanted to talk about things like what I know now that the 18-year-old Margaret didn’t, or what tactics I could share for making healthy habits (or breaking unwanted ones). She asked about books that have changed my life, and whether I have a mantra or personal motto, and more.

And of course, being the happiness person, she asked about what makes me happy. (Yup, that’s where I got my gardening promo in, promise.)

Thanks, Gretchen. You can read our conversation here.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Your interview with Gretchen was so interesting , I drank it in to the last drop.

    I really adore your blog Margaret, it is always inspiring for body mind and spirit.

    Thank you so much

  2. Saiisha says:

    I always appreciate the spiritual (or philosophical, if you prefer) side of your conversations Margaret – the first book I had read of yours was “And I shall have some peace there” at a time when I was making my own complicated decision to quit my corporate job, move to a cottage in the woods, and making a living here in what I call my nest in the forest.

    Thank you for being a guide along the way :)

  3. heidi husnak says:

    Nice talk. With gardening the impediment is the feeling that it is formulaic (discounting Mother Nature) and the “perfection drive”. When I teach I stress the unpredictability. As to iife lessons generally I think when we remove judgement from the conversation we learn so much.

  4. Jmg says:

    I am a BIG fan of Gretchen Rubin so it was a thrill to see that you were in the interview seat with her.

    Margaret, you bring such wisdom, motivation, skill and enthusiasm to one of life’s guaranteed pleasures, gardening.

    Thank YOU!!

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