open day saturday: great chairs, plants, people

Wave Hill chairs, painted and in the rawON MY GARDEN OPEN DAYS, I get a lot of plant questions—no surprise there. I also get a lot of chair questions, as in, “Where can I get those?” The object of the inquiries: several pairs of Wave Hill-inspired chairs around the yard. Now I have an answer: My woodworking neighbor makes them from cedar (above, my red pair plus some in process, in his workshop). He’ll be part of the local festivities on August 17, when besides visiting my garden (and asking me or two other visiting experts that plant question you may have) you can shop for garden chairs, for unusual plants from Broken Arrow Nursery, and more. Now about those great chairs and plants…

visiting aug. 17

SATURDAY AUGUST 17 is my final Garden Conservancy Open Day of the 2013 season, and also my town’s annual celebration, called Copake Falls Day. Throughout the village, and in our adjacent state park and even a local dairy farm, there will be all manner of activities.

thomas foley’s wave hill-style chairs

Tom Foley in his workshop of chair-makingI MET TOM FOLEY (above, in his workshop up the road) when he and his gardening wife, Christine, started coming to my Open Days. Somehow it came out that they were weekender neighbors, and like me from Queens, in New York City.

Before long Christine and I were swapping seeds, and Tom (who worked for Steinway pianos before moving upstate fulltime) found himself building things for her expanding garden.

They’ll have a display of garden furnishings set up “downtown” on Copake Falls Day all day long, and Tom will be here at the garden from 1-4 as well. Want to inquire about a custom order, or reserve a pair of chairs? Try him at 518-329-5699.

broken arrow plant sale, and on-hand experts

aralia elata silver umbrellaWANT TO TALK PLANTS—or maybe buy some really flashy ones? Adam Wheeler, the propagation and plant-development manager from Broken Arrow Nursery, and their perennial manager, Carl Galanter, will both be here all day hosting a giant plant sale in my driveway. Between the two of them (the three of us?) I hope there’s no Urgent Garden Question that will go unanswered.

You can browse Broken Arrow’s website for a sense of what they feature. Before heading up to my place, Adam always stocks the truck with things I love to grow, such as Aralia cordata ‘Sun King;’ or Aralia elata ‘Silver Umbrella’ (that’s one of my variegated aralias, above); Salix eleagnos (a.k.a. rosmarinifolia); Lespedeza ‘Edo Shibori’ and ‘Gibraltar,’ unusual sumacs and much more.

    1. margaret says:

      No, Cheri — as above, the garden visit doesn’t require a ticket ($5 donation to the charity suggested at the door).

  1. Clint says:

    Margaret, I truly can’t wait to see your garden. I’ve been following your amazing blog since we got our weekend home last fall just up the mountain. Read your awesome books too(saw you at the farmer’s market but my shyness took the best of me).
    Will the gents from Broken Arrow be there starting at 10?

    Thanks for opening your garden up. See you on Saturday.

  2. Judy says:

    Hi Margaret,
    Thank you for the info on the chairs. I’ve always admired them in your gorgeous garden. It’s great to know who makes them, and can order one.

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Laura — and yes, they are a great team. I have learned so much from them (and admittedly done some serious shopping, too — oops!). :)

  3. Peggy says:

    I wish more than anyhing that I could be there at your wonderful place on Saturday. I can’t be, so I wish you perfect weather, a day more beautiful than ever before, with a happy crowd of folks!

  4. Brenda B. says:

    Margaret, we so enjoyed your garden today; we sat in the white chairs, the red chairs and took Tom’s card so we can call him for these seriously comfortable chairs. Seeing your garden made me appreciate your two books even more and validated my style of gardening. A perfect day for enjoying your handiwork in this beautiful setting. Thank you for opening your garden!

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Brenda. Glad to see you, and to hear that you enjoyed the place (and chairs!). I am so grateful for your nice message.

  5. Susan says:

    What a lovely afternoon in your beautiful garden! I’ve already learned so much from your blog and learned so much more just observing. Would love to know your strategy for creating and maintaining such perfectly edged beds! They somehow look crisp but natural at the same time.

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