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products 1CAN YOU RECOMMEND a (fill in the blank), Margaret? It’s the most common question I am asked, with the blank usually being a tool for a specific job; a garden-to-table cookbook; a field guide (since I am well-known for being nuts for them); or of course a favorite plant or seed source. Welcome, then, to Margaret Recommends, a jumping-off point for some of my answers on all that, plus must-have cooking and canning gear and more.

my most-offered suggestions

plant lights 2AT THE RISK of repeating myself, the things I recommend over and again to other gardeners, and rely on in my own garden and home year after year, include:

Disclosure: Some products on those pages go to Amazon affiliate links from which I earn a commission. Some are from friends I shop from myself who are also occasional website sponsors. Others just go to places I shop, period, with no business relationship involved.

products 2

  1. Mary Malpezzi says:

    Is there any thing/book/site you would recommend for starting over with my back yard. I started reading Nature’s Best Hope last night and with the wildfires, it came to mind that instead of redoing my back yard the way it was (restarting because my dogs have demolished it) that I should go towards a drought-tolerant, pollinator “theme”. I want to do this right from the start and would appreciate having some thing that helps me think through the hows/whats before I start.

    I am limited in planting non-poisonous shrubs/plants since our labradane eats almost everything in sight. I will check with our extension office.

    1. marta says:

      See if there’s a Gardening with Native Plants FB page for your area. There’s one in my area (Md) that is a treasure trove of info from gardeners who are dealing with the same climate/soil conditions, They share experiences and suggestions. Sometimes they also share cuttings and seeds.

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