margaret on wnyc's 'leonard lopate show,' and in ‘folk’ magazine

WNYC logo‘HALLELUJAH, the garden saved me,” I said, and also, “What’s not to love about a frog?” Those Margaret-isms are among the snippets from my recent appearance on “The Leonard Lopate Show” on WNYC, the New York NPR affiliate I have listened to daily my entire adult life, and a fun Q&A interview in the latest issue of “Folk” magazine. Listen to the Lopate segment, and read the “Folk” piece by Andrew Ritchie (pdf format, page 18 onward). Hope you find both ribbiting.

  1. Brian G. says:

    That was fun. I did think it was funny that he felt a downside of having birds in the garden is cleaning poop off your outdoor table! Diapers, anyone? Teeny, tiny diapers?

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