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CO-HOST AND GARDEN DESIGNER CARMEN DEVITO really got me going on the popular weekly “We Dig Plants” show on Heritage Radio Network the other day, when she asked me to think back–now four-plus years–about my journey from the city life of my past to the here-and-now of living in the garden. Apparently I shared such wisdoms as: “With things that you treasure, whether it’s a person, a thing or plant, sometimes you can hold it a little too close and suffocate it. Plants taught me a good lesson about too-close, too-tight behavior.” And: “I had the illusion for many years that the concept of ‘enough’ was a tangible thing.” Ever the philosopher, huh? Listen in to our fun, wide-ranging chat.

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  1. pam k says:

    That was a really good interview, Margaret. I have both of your books and enjoyed remembering some of the highlights. Think I might have to do some rereading! Thanks for sharing.

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