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ANDREW KEYS, WHO CREATES THE “RADIO GARDEN” PODCAST for “Horticulture” magazine’s website, invited me to talk about my garden, my decision to finally leave the city and live in it, and what gardening means to me. He asked me to describe my place, and here’s what came out: “It’s a collector’s garden meets a bird-lover’s garden meets an impossible piece of tilted land, with a side order of sensuality.”  You can hear that (between minutes 4 and 5 of the podcast) and the rest of our conversation in Andrew’s latest episode, called “Checking Out,” right here.

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  1. Andrew Keys says:

    I’m so glad you noticed that line — it was easily one of my favorites, and one of the best descriptions of a garden I’ve ever heard from anyone. Thank you so much for being a guest!

  2. Dennis R says:

    a little off topic, but, i didn’t see your garden listed on the 2011 Garden Conservancy Tour…..

    1. Margaret says:

      Hi, Dennis — I am skipping spring at least as I have many repairs/renovations to tackle. Have been on for 13 years and need a season to cut back and divide and make a mess in the name of greater good. Doing workshops and may do a summer tour or fall if the garden rebounds from this endless winter and from my renovation efforts.

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