margaret (and jack!) featured on ‘growing a greener world’ tv–watch now!

Margaret Roach and Joe Lamp'l photo by Carl PenningtonI’M WORKING UP to watching it myself, but I didn’t want to delay a moment in sharing the segment with you from the “Growing a Greener World” public-television episode I’m featured on in November 2013. Yes, I still get nervous watching myself on TV, if you can believe it (radio’s more in my comfort zone), but no reason for you to hesitate.

Executive Producer and host Joe Lamp’l (top of page) and his colleague, Director of Photography Carl Pennington (above), spent two days here in August with me and my beloved late cat Jack (who immortalized himself with a walk-on and even earned himself a “field producer” credit, apparently).  Watch now (and then be sure to find your local public-television station for future viewing of “Growing a Greener World”). Joe’s behind-the-scenes blog post on his visit is at this link.

  1. Margit Van Schaick says:

    Margaret, that was wonderful! Also loved seeing the frogs and Jack, who looks about as big as my tuxedo cat ( all that wildlife available, cafeteria-style). Hearing all the singing/chattering bugs in your unmowed patch was a great reminder of all the various ways we can provide a welcome environment for a diversity of life. You were so inspiring, stressing the spiritual aspects so abundant in your garden. The one thing I missed was a detailed visit to your food garden– perhaps a return visit?

  2. David says:

    It’s always a wonderful treat to visit your garden via your posts, books and radio conversations. To take a “walk” through your special place today with Joe (and Jack!)
    was very, very special.
    I, and probably others, would love, love, love to see more of your home! Maybe there has been a house “tour” before which I am not aware of? The glimpses of the interiors I have seen leads me to believe your home is as special and unique as your garden.
    Thank you again…

  3. Brian G. says:

    That was a great piece. The garden is incredibly photogenic. You also look great (as always) so don’t be squeamish about watching. I still think you should have your own garden show.

  4. Jules says:

    Awesomeness! Just finished watching and I am so inspired! We recently moved and purchased a 4 and a half acre property after having been forced total suburbanites the last 6 years. This really got my garden girl self back in gear! Thanks for sharing!

  5. emily says:

    Wow. Pictures of your garden always inspire me but I could see so much more in the video. I love your approach – everything is so beautiful in such a natural, very loosely controlled sort of way. (Well, at least it seems that way.)

  6. heidih says:

    I have bookmarked it, sent it to friends, and watched it twice! You conveyed the essence of your garden philosophy so well. I completely sit on your pages as I feel that connection. I now have the hands clasped together in my mind in the best way. Jack of course was a treat. Working on a garden design now for a client and your golden moment jumps gave me a lightbulb flash to tying things together in a chaotic small space.

  7. Jim says:

    I have recently discovered your podcast and enjoyed the chance to add seeing parts of your garden. As always, you also gave some good solid design advice too.

  8. Hi there Margaret,
    It’s been a while since I last commented, and we saw each other last May at Trade Secrets, down in Sharon, Ct. I liked the episode of Growing a Greener World, and the way the camera man looked at your property. The shots showed a lot of depth that a photo can’t capture. It is also interesting how an outsider / different eye can see things in a different way. I’ve seen other episodes from that show, and I think they put more attention on you than they have on other garden owners. Most times it seems they are more about giving the tour, versus going really into the head of the garden owner themselves.

    Here at Whimsey Hill House it is almost the end of the Fall cleanup, can’t wait to retire my gardening tools and lawn mower until next Spring ;-}

    1. margaret says:

      Thank you, Kris — and I will tell Jack he is now Jack the Dignified Cat (Demon no more). :)

      Glad you found the podcast and the website, Jim. Nice to “meet” you!

      Thank you, David, for the kind words — and I am trying to think if there is something “house-centric” that I have done…

  9. raina says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to visit your garden even though I live so far away. I have read all three of your books and they seem so much more real after seeing the wind blowing through the wonderful plants that inhabit your world. I had to watch the program twice and will probably watch it at least two more times :) – especially since we have been enveloped with snow for the past two weeks and the only green is the spruce tree flanking my window.

  10. Theresa says:

    Thank you Margaret for letting us come film you. It was everything we had hoped it would be and more and we loved telling your story. Most of all, we loved getting to know you better.

    We were also pleasantly surprised at what a terrific field producer Jack was – A little bossy yes – but razor focus on getting all of his close ups.


  11. Kate says:

    This is fantastic Margaret!
    As someone who doesn’t have cable, I watch this show from time to time on PBS. Cool to see you as one of the features, and to see more of your garden too!

    You are a natural at this TV stuff! :)

    PS I am so jealous of your compost pile! We have to have enclosed containers for compost where I live and I never seem to have enough compost at any given time. What a joy it would be to have your stash!

  12. Linda says:

    This was wonderful! Couldn’t even tell that a hailstorm had been through two weeks earlier. Jack is marvelous, and Joe seemed to be very pleased to be there with you. It was a very easy-going, natural conversation. Especially loved how you did the color palettes with the leaves.

    One note, I had a hard time seeing the link to see the video. I tried clicking on the heading copy and on the picture to no avail. The green lettering isn’t much contrast from the black. Perhaps boldfacing it would help.

    Kudos for a lovely visit to your garden! (I also would love to see your vegetable garden in season.)

  13. David says:

    Thank you for the link to the Apartment Therapy 2010 tour of your home. Just as I suspected, it is perfect in so many ways. Could that be a trap door in the kitchen floor to a “root cellar” (basement)? Not a picture of Jack, but maybe this was a time before he decided indoor life was worth checking out? You and Jack mimic my experience with Bootsie (my neighbor named him!), a cat who adopted me at my Florida home.
    You have created such a rich, bountiful life in garden and home. What’s the expression I am trying to remember….”life is a banquet and most people are starving to death” (I cleaned that up a tad)?
    Thanks again, David

  14. Katherine Stevenson says:

    Dear Margaret. I LOVED this!! I do not have a tv so would have missed this had you not posted here and on face book. It so warmed my heart to “see” you, dear Jack, and your beautiful garden. Really inspired me for sure. Like you, my two passions are writing and gardening and I finally am located to be able to launch into both. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration and heart sharing.

  15. Michael says:

    Congratulations Margaret! I think you feeling nervous only means you are still humble after all your amazing accomplishments and experience. I know you would probably scoff at the suggestion…BUT when do we see the “How To and Woo-Woo ” with Margaret Roach show starting? It would be fantastic- something to think about while you take a break over the winter. You would be hit. Thanks so much for all you do and share!

  16. Beth Robinson says:

    Margaret: It is one thing to follow this blog and read your books, but seeing the real “you” was special. Your passion was so evident right down to a single leaf. Nice to feel connected.

  17. Beverly, zone 6, eastern PA says:

    Your TV feature was thoroughly enjoyable.
    Thanks for opening up your precious places to viewers.
    Loved the snake bit at the very end of the show, too.

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