margaret featured on the etsy blog!

etsy big logoHEADLINES FROM THE HANDMADE WORLD: I’ve been surrounded by handmade things and creative people since my grandmother made couture-quality clothes for my dolls and taught me to garden and bake as a little girl. Because of my love of things made from scratch, I am especially honored to be featured today in a “This Handmade Life” story on one of my favorite sites, the Etsy blog, which gets like 2 million clicks a month (um, just a smidge bigger than A Way to Garden!!!). I hope you’ll go make it 2 million and 1, and tell them Margaret sent you. Support those who, like you, encourage my creative self-expressions, won’t you, by leaving a comment there? Thanks.

  1. Congrats Margaret…I am an etsy lover since first being introduced last year… so fitting that you are recognized! You are an inspiration to all of us ‘from scratch’ people…whether its scratching in the garden or in the kitchen, there is no other way! Check out our latest blog entry…A Walk Through the Inn’s Garden @http://bit.ly/C86VV and see what I have scratched up while playing in the dirt (as I like to call it)! Come visit us at the Inn if you find yourself near the Garden State! I’de love to walk you through our gardens not pictured on the blog. Again…Congratulations and all the best to you!

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome Papatya Curtis. I am so glad that Etsy brought us together; thanks for saying hello. Gardening is my heart, as you can see, so have a look around…and don’t be shy. Shout if you need anything. :)

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