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IF YOU ARE AN AOL SUBSCRIBER, you may have noticed my familiar face staring at you yesterday from their homepage. If not, you can read the Q&A here that Deborah Dunham did of me, where we cover topics from what it was like working for Martha Stewart, to what I’ve learned about spiders since shacking up with them here in my little old house. Enjoy!

  1. Great interview Margaret, and you are eloquent and graceful about the personal choices that moved you towards a new life. For me, I think it was all those meetings–and the managing up and down–that finally made me realize that being a chief editor was not my calling, because it left so little room for personal creativity. It certainly works for some people, but for me, I’m much happier freelancing, making time for walking, gardening, cooking, and being in touch with nature every day. And living without as much material stuff or the shopping options is much more freeing than most people realize. Over-stimulation is a bear. These days, I’m careful to say no when I don’t feel like I can devote a good level of energy to something. I also find the rhythms of the day to be so much more natural–working hard for a bit and then doing a little work in the garden…it all makes sense. Thanks again for the reminders, Susie

  2. Joanna Spaulding says:

    How I do look forward to your every utterance. Nah! I really like your stuff Nah!

    Somewhere in the middle of those.

    I really do enjoy your writings, pictures, descriptions, Andre’s wit and artistry, Jack ( ( I have 5 cats—one a tuxedo, about 16 lbs). My tomatoes came out, yesterday, leaving only the cucumbers to struggle with the weather.

    The Nasturtiums are more than ready to be divested of their seeds, and the rest of the garden to be cut back next week. Apples and peaches have been distributed–a great many to the Burro farm (this fellow rescues burros) and some few to the neighbors.

    And…quite soon, back to the woodworking, which has had to take a back-seat to Summer and her many demands.

    Hand me that 120 sandpaper, will you?


    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Joanna. Maybe the 16-pound Tuxedo is Jack’s twin! Thanks for your note. I haven’t pulled any cukes or tomatoes yet; hoping for another couple of weeks of yield.

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